Investigate all benefits of the OS X Yosemite

Apple wanted to completely revamp its operating systems. Thus, in addition to presenting 8 iOS as we have seen, also has announced OS X Yosemite, a new and powerful version of OS X, which has been redesigned and refined with a much more modern, fresh look, new powerful apps and performance of continuity that would facilitate the work with its Mac but also with the devices of iOS.

Among the main novelties of Yosemite highlight the new view Today the Notification Center, which gives us access to everything we need to know with a quick glance, commonplace, while iCloud Drive is integrated into the Finder and allows us to store all class files. Meanwhile, Safari opens a new improved design for easy use when placing the most important controls at our fingertips and Mail significantly simplifies editing and sending attachments. Other releases are the Handoff, which allows activities to start a device and pass it to another; and Instant Hotspot, which facilitates sharing with our free iPhone just connect to a Wi-Fi network and can even make calls with the iPhone but using our Mac computer

With OS X Yosemite has been redesigned and refined the operating system with a modern and fresh look at the controls that are clearer, intelligent and intuitive, new bars and improved tools focus attention on the content without sacrificing functionality. The translucent elements show additional content in the window of the app, give a hint of what lies behind and share the same appearance of the desktop. Finally, the icons of the apps have a clean, consistent layout and font of the system has been updated to improve readability.

The new view of the Notification Center Today lets take a quick look at everything you need to know with the inclusion of widgets for Calendar, Time, Tote, Reminders, World Clock and social networks. We may also download additional widgets on the Mac App Store to customize the Today view to our liking. Spotlight is now the star of the desktop and offers new categories of results, with additional suggestions from Wikipedia, Maps, Bing, App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, major websites, news and charts.


Integrated directly into the Finder, Drive iCloud stores all types of files in iCloud. iCloud Drive works like any other folder on your Mac, so you can drag documents, organize them in folders and Tags, and search with Spotlight. Drive With iCloud you can access all the files in iCloud from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even from a Windows PC.

The browser Safari has a streamlined and improved design that puts the most important to our fingertips controls. The new Favorites view provides quick access to our favorite web sites, and the powerful Lashes view displays thumbnails of all your open pages in a single window. Safari also gives more control over privacy with separate windows Private Browsing and compatibility standard with DuckDuckGo, a search engine that does not track the user information. When looking for popular or common terms, new suggestions appear Spotlight with search suggestions. Safari supports the latest web standards like WebGL and SPDY, and compatibility with HTML5 Video Premium Extensions can watch videos from Netflix in HD for up to two hours. The incorporation delmotor allows Safari Nitro JavaScript be up to six times faster than Firefox and up to five times faster than Chrome to run the JavaScript code of the most common websites.

Another application that has undergone an extensive restoration is Mail, so it is now much easier to edit and send attachments. With Markup we can complete and sign forms and even add notes to images and PDFs without leaving Mail Mail Drop allows us to send videos, pictures and files up to 5 GB from the Mail app to any email address.

As happens in iOS 8 Posts new image and still offers more options to communicate with our contacts. We can add titles to existing message thread to easily find them, add new contacts to existing conversations, or abandon the talks that no longer interest us. With Soundbites we can create, send and listen to audio clips without leaving messages.

The continuity features of Yosemite make our Mac and iOS device on its perfect partners. When the iPhone or iPad are near the Mac, Handoff allowed starting an activity on a device and passing it to another. Instant Hotspot makes sharing the Internet connection of your iPhone is as simple as connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Now SMS and MMS previously appeared only on the iPhone appear in messages in all our Apple devices. We can even send SMS and MMS from the Mac and use the Mac as hands free to send or receive calls iPhone.

The new platform technologies incorporated in Yosemite make it easier for developers to create great apps for Mac. With SpriteKit it easy to add realistic movements, physics and lighting of the games, and integrates with SceneKit to achieve that “casual” 3D games are available to all developers. Storyboards for Yosemite and Xcode 6 leverage new Apis View Controller in the AppKit to facilitate the creation of apps that sail between multiple views of data. New APIs allow developers to integrate Handoff in their own apps, create widgets for the Today view and distribute in the Mac App Store. Share menu extensions add new destinations to the Share menu, and new APIs allow designers to create custom chips to share.

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