Why International companies and Microsoft depends on Indian CEOs

By the appointing Satya Nadella as Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft thus Microsoft Corporation joined in Indian manager club which is also known as Growing club of MNCs. Before that lots of top ranked companies are also joined in this club. Those companies are MasterCard, Adobe Systems, Deutsche Bank, Pepsi, Reckitt Benckiser, Diageo and Global Foundries.

Interesting similarities are all of these CEOs of Indian are not specifically informative for each other. All of them are age in end of the 40s or starting of the 50s. Normally in this age all successful managers are stay in the top speed of career. All are studied their graduation in UK or USA based universities and their primary and secondary school was Indian based school. All of them are settle in abroad by immigration process and fight to accommodate new culture and life style. Some of them were started there management career from India and some of them were involved in the family own business.

Bill Gates-Satya Nadella-Steve Ballmer

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, Prem Watsa and Microsoft CEO Nadella, were study in same school in Hyderabad. They are the key person to boom the technological enhancement in India and as well as all over the world. They initiated to establish Microsoft’s first development center outside from United States. Interesting part is all three’s home town are far away from each other and they come in this technological world from different corner of India. Mr. Anshu Jain co-CEO of Deutsche born in Jaipur and Mr. Indra Nooyi of Pepsi born were in Chennai which is almost 1450 KM away from Jaipur.

Ivan Menezes of Diageo, Ajay Banga of Mastercard and Nooyi of Pepsi were the student of Indian Institutes of Management. Benckiser, Nadella, Narayen and Nooyi were studied in engineering. Some of them are, Master-Card Chief Ajay Banga and Menezes , are business graduates and economics accordingly. Yes you might be ask why so many Indians are there in corporate strong career why not Chinese, Japanese or even Russian. You will get the answer if some of you research on Indian Management Culture.

A research of St Gallen University in Switzerland says, most of the Indian top executives are very participative management and they creates a very sensational and meaningful relationship and bonding with their team members or subordinates. There leadership style is very emotional and jelling is fantastic between superiors and subordinates. In the year of 2004, a university study says, Company purely gives feeling to the employee and that build a strong bonding and loyalty for the company and that went beyond any financial rewards. In this Indian CEO’s club there is no one in dictatorial management style. Mr. Indra Nooyi of Pepsi says, “You must look at your employee and must say, I value you as a respected person. I know you have a fantastic life beyond your job and I am going to respect all of your family rest of my life. I am not just treating you as an employee rather you are one of our precious family member of 4567”. During the transition of Nadella and Steve Ballmer, Nadella was waiting for a promotion and also for a fantastic award for employee motivation assessment.

Very informative researchers studied at Southern New Hampshire University year of 2007. They tried to compare between Indian Managers and US managers. Their findings were, Indian Managers are very modest and humble. May be there is a relationship between Nadella’s first email to the Microsoft all employees. He stared the email with the saying “This is a very humbling day for me.”


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