A very interesting smartphone model which can be a powerful alternative for users

The ZTE Grand Memo II is the new version of one of the most leading smartphones of the Chinese company. A team that reaches a considerable size of 6 inches but it has maintained a truly slim design of only 7.2 millimeters. Due to its characteristics, this mobile is located on the border enters the midrange and high-end (more pulling this last), with remarkable features like camera that takes Sony sensor with 13 megapixel resolution, the presence of the latest Android 4.4 operating system KitKat or the ability to connect to 4G next-generation networks to connect at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Certainly, when it’s released this mobile will become a very attractive option for users who do not want to make a strong investment in the phone and want to touch a large terminal the size of a small tablet. We tell you all the details about this model of the Chinese firm.

This equipment can be considered a phablet border size between smartphone and tablet of 6 inches. Of course, here these are one of the first pleasant surprises that will give us this phone, since despite the size; ZTE has achieved a very slim design of only 7.2 mm. The design of the ZTE Memo Grand II also stands out for its housing with grainy texture.

In fact, it should be noted that it is not the only brand that has chosen to introduce a small relief in the terminal star since Samsung has also done something similar with its new Samsung Galaxy S5. Another key aspect of its design is the size that fills the screen within the same design, with more than 80% of the area that maintain a more compact design. The full dimensions of this model are 161.5 x 83 x 7.2 mm. What still has not been revealed is the weight to reach this model,

The screen of the ZTE Memo II Grand features IPS nature, has a size of 6 inches and includes an HD resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. With this resolution get a good level of detail in all kinds of content, from games to applications through videos and movies. Mind you, the discerning will miss seeing more videos and HD content resolution. Finally, it is noteworthy that this smartphone will be reinforced by Corning Gorilla glass for the third generation, an extra layer of protection against dust and against bumps and scratches that may occur to the screen.


ZTE has been much interest in this section, which is usually always attract many eyes. Specifically, we find a 13-megapixel rear camera that uses a BSI sensor taken from Sony with a good opening of f/2.2, autofocus and LED Flash. Thanks to this sensor, get some photographs with remarkable quality. The functions of this camera are complemented by the ability to record video in high quality 1080p. Moreover, in the front area has included a camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels with opening of f/2.2 with which we can make some remarkable pictures of ourselves or even group photos and then upload them to social networks like Facebook.

The memory of the Grand ZTE Memo II amounts to 16 GB of internal memory. This is a figure that should be good enough to store your files, applications and games. However, if you need more space you can draw on a MicroSD card with a maximum size of 32 GB (for a maximum capacity of 48 GB). The Memo II processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core (yet undisclosed clock frequency of the chip), while the RAM amounts to 2 GB. This set achieves a good performance to run Android menus and most system applications and games without any problems, and will also allow us to use a number of apps simultaneously without slowing down the computer.

To run the team, has chosen to integrate the latest version of the system Google Android 4.4 KitKat. Surely this is good news since one of the major enhancements included in this version is the fluidity with which the menus work and various system tools. Moreover, within this platform we have access to a complete universe of applications, with titles like Candy Crush Saga (the popular game of candy), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Apalabrados.

It must also highlight the importance that has applications from Google, as for example Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube social network, which has a very comfortable and useful interface. Besides these applications, ZTE has also sought to strengthen the use of phones using its own custom interface. Its software MiFavor 2.3 UI layer learns of the use we make of the smartphone to update its interface with access and relevant applications that facilitate the use of the phone.

Another aspect that care is especially in this phone is the connections. On one hand, we have the ability to function in these phone high-speed 4G networks. This smartphone will also be compatible with the new standard WifiAC, which allows a much cleaner connection at home and in the office (this difference will be noticed in places where there are many devices simultaneously connected to the network).

Moreover, the Memo II features like Bluetooth 4.0 connections to transmit information to compatible equipment such as wireless speakers, GPS / aGPS to navigate through Google Maps or another browser available or DLNA to send multimedia content directly to the TV through the WiFi network. To carry out the load of the equipment and data transmission to a PC will have a MicroUSB port.


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