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When we buy a computer, as well as use to surf the Internet, we also like to be able to enjoy all our multimedia content, be connected with our family and friends, write texts, make tables, prepare a nice presentation with the photos from our last trip, accounting for the home, and many other things. The purpose of this guide is to analyze the package of best known and most used office worldwide, and see first hand all the latest advantages of the latest version, Microsoft Office 2010 package.

Why do I need Microsoft Office? The answer is very simple: without Office you can not view or edit documents, spreadsheets or presentations that you receive via email or other digital media. This guide will explain the three packs of the latest version of Office that you can find in stores, and the constituent programs, their news and utilities to be able to determine which package is more suited to your needs.

Before this analysis, it is necessary to make a clarification. The vast majority of computers sold in stores come pre-installed with a version of Microsoft Office Starter, which allows us to use Office, but can work with full functionality. If you want to get the most out of Office and be able to use all its benefits to performance, do not hesitate and purchase a license. That’s why we recommend you make the most of this guide to determine which version of Office is best suited to your needs.

Well, let’s look at each of the Office packages (Office Home and Student, Office Home and Business and Office Professional).

Various packages of Office

Office Home and Student

Microsoft defines this as the most basic package. It contains tools that are easy to use to help you express your ideas, solve problems and simplify everyday projects, where homework earrings to manage household finances, shaped comfortable to publish and access documents from virtually any PC.

There are two versions of Office package depending on the operating system with your computer: Windows or Mac Os.

For Windows, this package consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and comes with a valid license for three different computers. In other words, if multiple PCs at home with this license we could install Office on all three of them. There is another option, the PKC key card, which allows you to install Office on a single computer.

In the case of package for Mac Home and Student includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel programs. There are two possibilities: one of these packages with a single license and permission to use it on one Mac and one package for a slightly higher price, a license and the ability to install it on three different Mac, making it a perfect choice for families.

Office Home and Business

Microsoft defines this pack as the package that combines living and working together.
Smart tools in Office Home and Business help small businesses and home users achieve extraordinary results, from email and scheduling to reports and presentations with convenient ways to post and access documents from virtually any PC.

For Windows, this pack is made like the Office Home and Student for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, but also includes Outlook. This package comes with a license, which will only be valid on one computer.

The version of Office for Mac Home and Small Business 2011 adds to the three mentioned above (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) New Outlook (the big news, which replaces Entourage) programs. Like the version for Mac Office Home and Student, we have two options: a license for use on one Mac, or a license with the possibility of using two Mac.

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Professional Office

Microsoft defines this pack as the package designed to provide companies with the best tools to grow your business.

For businesses and individuals who demand the best, Office Professional has everything you need to communicate, create, and share documents from virtually anywhere.
This package is only available for the Windows platform, and is made like the Office for Home and Business Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, but also includes Publisher and Access.

This package comes with a license, which will only be valid on one computer.
Office 2010 programs in detail


It is the word processor included in the Office suite. This is a program that allows us to generate professional-quality documents. Word is so important that if you have not installed, as simple and necessary as writing a letter on the computer shares, make a work of history or make a CV will be impossible.


It is the application to manage spreadsheets and bold graphics, with no effort. Ideal for presentations at work, to keep track of the family budget or a business, or perform calculations by hand would be quite complex.


It is the program designed to make presentations outlined text, easy to understand, text animations and cliparts or imported from your computer. You can apply different font designs, template and animation. There is a key tool in the education and professional sectors, as well as the recreational area if we show our friends a presentation with photos of the last trip.


It is created to facilitate note-taking, information gathering, and multi-user collaboration. OneNote allows you to place notes in two-dimensional pages and offers the possibility of adding drawings, diagrams, photographs, multimedia, audio, video, and scanned images.


It’s an organizer program office and email client from Microsoft that can be used both as a standalone application or with Microsoft Exchange Server (which allows secure access from anywhere) to provide services to multiple users within an organization such as shared mailboxes, shared calendars, etc..


Microsoft Publisher is an application design and layout of documents. If you’re working on a monthly newsletter, designing a new postcard, creating greeting cards, or developing a marketing campaign for your business, Publisher helps you create the content you need and give you the look you intended.


It is a program designed to manage databases oriented to be used in a personal environment or small organizations. Creates files relational databases that can be easily managed by a simple graphical interface. Furthermore, these databases can be queried by other programs. Within an information system, it would come within the category of management, and not in the office, as you might think. This program lets you manipulate data in tables (consisting of rows and columns), create relationships between tables, queries, forms for data entry and reports to present information.


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