How to install the thermostat in our homes Green Momit

After seeing the thermostat Green Momit and after making an article with the main content in the box when we received this thermostat, now let’s proceed to install in our homes. So we’ve followed a few simple steps you can follow all stakeholders in this type of smart thermostats, as it requires no extensive knowledge of electronics to operate our Green Momit.

The first thing you have to do is choose your location, it is normal to put the thermostat Green Momit in the same place as we have the current thermostat, but can also change your location, you can always take the wires that we will find when we remove thermostat easily to its new location.

Wiring installation Green Momit

Once we opened our current thermostat and disconnect from the wall, it makes sense that we find two wires connected to the thermostat. These two cables are connected directly with our boiler, and will be responsible for telling the boiler is switched on (closing the circuit) or turn off (open circuit) when us we wish or when the temperature of the house has come to the parameters that we’ve set.

If when we removed our old thermostat, there are two cables that is standard, now we have a little problem. The problem is that the thermostat Green Momit need to be permanently connected to the mains. There is a battery-operated thermostat, but to have wireless connectivity with our router to handle wirelessly from a PC or mobile device, it will need to carry a cable Phase and Neutral wire to the location of the device.

Getting Started Installation Green Momit

Take this wiring we than done in the simplest way. Typically, they can be two cases differ in this installation:

1. The boiler have in a plug, this must always be so because the boilers are connected to the electrical current. The first option could be there to catch the opening stream socket and carrying both Phase and Neutral wires to the thermostat through the corrugated pipe leading from the boiler to the location of the old thermostat. This will help us a guide and thus pass those two wires to the thermostat. So we will have the two wires from the boiler and the two wires with current total of 4 cables.

2. Sometimes there is a direct pipe from the boiler to the thermostat, but the cable box has been moved from a box, so it will be even easier than the previous step. We just have to look in one of the closest step boxes that cable and get the box a Phase or Neutral Line cable and wire up our thermostat. It’s that simple. You will have four cables needed to begin installation of the Green Momit.


To us, as we like to complicate even more if some of our readers doubt you experience what we have done is change the thermostat location, we had put in the hall of the house, but we have chosen to put it now the hall, so we spent the cables forth wall by drilling into it, and to lower the current, we drilled from one of the manholes down the wire with a small slash, as you can see in images. Now I have four wires needed at the point where I put my thermostat Green Momit, the hardest part of the whole installation has been completed successfully as we have seen in the previous image with the “before” and “after “.

Fixing the thermostat to the wall Momit Green

The next step will be to set the new thermostat to the wall Momit Green, for this we can make use of the two plugs and screws that come in the box, but before, we mark the holes to do. The first is to open our thermostat, ie to separate the part of the touch screen and all the hardware of the back cover. To do this we must press two tabs at once found in the bottom and some force to open it.

Once separated the two parts, the four wires pass through the hole left in the center of the rear wall and mark the holes you have to do, trying to leave that box as straight as possible. If we want to do this, we can use a level and so we ensure a good end result. After marking, we removed the back cover again and proceed to do the fixing holes of the Green Momit with a drill on the wall. After putting the tacos, we will fix the housing to the wall with screws ensuring that this housing is subject firm.

Wiring thermostat Green Momit

Now let’s proceed with the connections of the four cables that have prepared earlier about our Green Momit housing. The first is to open our box and lights down the main switch to not have any accidents. As we see in the bottom of the housing, there are light colored connectors will be where we need to tighten or fix cables. The two cables running to our boiler will have to be connected on the left side, where it says C1 and where it says W. Instead power cables, iran on the right side, where it says L connect the phase or line and where N gets connect the Neutral. At the end of stay should be as follows:

Try to leave as short cables can always leaving a little security or put in the tube (if you are lucky to have it) most cable before connecting us to the part of the screen thermostat, as it has very little space available. Now approaching Momit Green screen and fit into place making sure it locks both the top and the tabs on the bottom.


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