There is some of the most important news about Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft is presenting right now all the news of the new version of its mobile operating system, which is Windows Phone 8.1. After months of leaks and rumors, finally know what those improvements officially. The update is coming soon to smartphone models that have the version installed Windows Phone 8, although it is unclear if the simplest also have. The new version improves many sections of the system, but still maintains the same structure organized around windows live. Among the most notable improvements are anticipated assistant Cortana, changes in design and also the new NotificationCenter. These are the new features of Windows Phone 8.1. 

As mentioned, the voice assistant Cortana is the star feature of the new release of the mobile system Microsoft as well have been commissioned to highlight it in the presentation, in which it has devoted much time to detail its duties. C Ortana is a voice assistant that performs the usual duties of such assistants, much like what you already know by Siri from Apple, Samsung S or Google Voice Now. The system comprises natural voice commands and in this case is integrated with the search engine Bing.

The Wizard Microsoft has many features, but not a revolution. Might perform common tasks such as weather information, sports scores, and search for restaurants, create calendar events, make calls, send messages and more. Cortana seems to respond pretty well to voice commands, but during the presentation failed on a couple of occasions. Downside is that Cortana s nly be available in the United States and later becoming a United Kingdom and China, other countries will follow shortly.

Windows Phone needed a notification center and finally included. This panel is activated by sliding from the top of the screen and displays a list of all notifications received, grouped by different blocks for applications. In addition to notifications, this panel also features various s buttons to toggle functions widely used as connections. From here you can drive the WiFi, connection Bluetooth or airplane mode. The idea is to provide a quick visit to sparing the setup menu.

An update would not be complete without changes aesthetically and Windows Phone 8.1 has some very interesting. Also have open API for developers to create their own topics for this section. On the other hand, the home screen now lets show three columns of Live Tiles, including the terminals with the smaller screen, thus it is possible to use more space. But one of the most interesting improvements is that you can add funds to the Live Tiles selecting an image you have stored. The Live Tiles can be spot color textures as shown in the picture.


The Redmond has also updated the native application of the camera that comes with Windows Phone 8.1. You now have several options on the left side of the screen, including direct access to the gallery, sensitivity ISO, access to lenses (third party applications) and also modes of scene available. On the right is the shutter, the way video and the option for shooting.

Windows Phone 8.1 has many more news far and wide across the system, listed below:

Wordflow Keyboard: This keyboard allows to type without lifting your finger from the screen. This new release works the same way as the keyboard swipe on Android and allows you to write faster than if you go key by key.

Internet Explorer 11: the new delivery system will come with a new release of the browser with a reading function that lets you save interesting articles and extracts the text for more comfortable reading. It also has a kind of key which stores all the passwords and way of private browsing to visit the pages that do not get stored in the history.

WiFi Sense: this novelty can share the WiFi connection with your Skype contacts, Outlook or Facebook   without having to give the password, and access to public WiFi networks automatically.

Battery Power Sense: This function specifies the amount of energy it is consuming the various applications and device elements.

Security: the new version of Windows Phone also has improved security in the face of professional users so they can encrypt their email or use a VPN connection.

Touch screen buttons: you had already seen this feature before. Microsoft will allow manufacturers to dispense with the capacitive buttons and features directly on the screen. Thus companies can manufacture a smartphone and then putting on Windows Phone or Android, as there will be hardware buttons that limit. With this improvement intended to stimulate the production of new models and lower costs of production.

Quiet hours: Microsoft has also included a feature to allow users to have a few hours at being disturbed, which will normally be at night.

Currently there is no specific date for the launch of the update and have only commented that the launch is scheduled for the coming months.


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