Huawei Ascend G6, a smartphone for all times of day

The mobile phone has become an equal partner in our day to day. We help with everything and although sometimes we get bored with it because it does things as we want, is a faithful companion who never fails us. There are many mobile phones and some are really versatile, as the new Huawei Ascend G6.

This new mobile wants to be your new partner. Do not you think so? We’re going to put five times in a weekend so you can see how useful it can become the new smartphone from Huawei. It is a companion class that does not need fixing because it is one of the most stylish phones of the moment. We are going with it.

Listen to music before leaving

You have been with your colleagues in a few hours. Of course, you get ready in time to get out a brush made the street. While you shower, put some music on Spotify. Okay, okay, incorporating speaker sometimes does not hear enough water but that are wireless speakers like the Jawbone.

I’ll take you over, do not have to connect to the mains and in this application are your favorite bands. Need a great song to encourage you to leave? Here are a handful of lists already created to be on top. We managed, we take the keys, wallet and mobile unplugged current G6 goes like us: with energy all night and what arises.

Browse to get to your destination

We went outside and the group that created WhatsApp tonight we see that they have booked at a restaurant we do not know. We look at Google Maps to see where you are and the application will tell you the quickest route, whether you are walking, public transport or car.

Are you going by subway or bus? There are a handful of applications that allow us to quickly calculate routes to arrive on time. Meanwhile, we follow our favorite social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… With 4.5 inch screen G6 have the perfect size to see everything in great detail.

Arrive on time, of course, and you see your colleagues arrive afternoon. Let them know you are already here and while, to kill time, you miss a game. As you are someone for the last, you know all the games of the moment: Candy Crush, 2048, Temple Run and Flappy Bird because of which you were not uninstalled at the time. People arrive. You turn off your mobile screen and going to dinner.

Huawei Ascend G62

Flirt with someone

After taking a few pictures and selfies at dinner, because everyone upload the photos of food at social networks and who says otherwise is lying, it’s time to go out for a few drinks to finish off the night. Looking for a new place that you have recommended or just going to the gambling den, and hope that everyone will like.

The night progresses and that girl or boy, so sweeping gets in your way. You feel lucky, as you say that song by Daft Punk, and decide to talk to her. You break the thread pitch and mobile Fardas your G6: is smart, like you, and you will not lack anything. Nor lacks size.

You teach some applications to stay with her and show her how funny you are. Ah! Do not forget that not only goes for mobile convince, remember to ask your phone number to call or write it a WhatsApp in the future. You never know what can happen.

Retouch photos

Finish the party and it’s time to go home. If we can go by public transport advantage to go on the train retouching photos of the night: ye that binge that stuck, your colleague’s ditto… The goose doing a little retouch or VSCO Cam Snapseed for everyone out looking. Although the camera is difficult G6 kick someone ugly.

Once you have them get on the social networks. As a good person you are, the more modositas upload to Facebook. gamberras The more you are in private is not all that happens is you have to share the first opportunity. We return home and of course we do not put the alarm on the phone for the next day. It’s time for a rest.

Have you left that game right? Searching for a place to dine!

Remember that person you met yesterday? Have you raised the WhatsApp icon in the notification bar? Looks like it’s your lucky day, if the thing you curdle why not want a place to stay with her for a coffee or dining out. You can do it, of course, from Mobile.

Apps like Yelp or Foursquare will make your life much easier to find a place with that surprise. You see, mobile is part of our daily lives without us noticing and Huawei Ascend G6 is a perfect companion for adventures. In addition, quality does not necessarily mean spending much money: this phone is really affordable.


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