The HP Slate 8 Pro is a really good tool to browse through the files on the computer

The HP Slate 8 Pro is one of the proposals of the U.S. Company with the operating system Android. A computer with a compact format 8 inches intended for multimedia use in the home. One of the most interesting aspects of this model is its panel with good brightness and detail. Also, we liked the power and quality of its speakers with Beats Audio technology. All with a remarkable power due to the processor, NVIDIA Tegra 4 and elegant design arguments that this team wanted to gain a foothold in a market saturated with alternatives. The HP Slate 8 Pro is priced at 250 euros.

Definitely one of the great attractions of the HP Slate 8 Pro is its screen. We were surprised this good bill panel 8 inches when playing content such as videos or movies. Both the brightness level as the detail is remarkable, so that we can enjoy a good view even in bright outdoor light. In addition, the fidelity and color depth, offer a very realistic feel, which is hard to find in most tablets in the market.

The resolution of the screen stands at 1,600 x 1,200 pixels, the quality of the panel is reinforced through speakers that are at the bottom of the tablet technology Beats Audio. In the tests, they have shown a remarkable performance both in the quality and the power of sound, which makes this device an excellent choice for the viewing of films. We would also like to emphasize that the audio does not lose quality or vibrate when placed at the top level, which does happen with some equipment.

But everything is not great on this computer. The HP Slate 8 Pro is a device somewhat thick and heavy for what we’re used to seeing, and hold it in your hands for longer times uncomfortable. Measures of this tablet are placed in 220 x 141.5 x 9.9 mm and its weight is placed on 451 grams. Of course, the device is well done and creates a feeling of sturdiness. Its curves on the sides and using a close to white silver casing give a sleek look and quite premium. What we did not like so much is the fact that you used a fairly sized frame in the front (especially on the top and bottom of the screen). This creates the impression that the panel is smaller than it really is and increases the total size of the team.

Another of the highlights of this tablet is its processor NVIDIA Tegra 4, a powerful chip with four cores with power 1.9 GHz. Moreover, we also have a fifth low-power core to carry out the simplest tasks of the system and save energy. This processor is combined with a memory of 1 GB RAM. It is a medium that offers a set n0table performance in most applications and games from Android, but the RAM can stay somewhat short in case we use many applications open at once.

HP Slate 8 Pro

As to the internal memory of the tablet, the HP offers 16 GB. If we count the space used for the system and preinstalled apps, that leaves us with just over 12 GB to store our personal files, applications and games. In principle it should be enough for normal use the tablet, but if you store movies in high quality will probably have to resort to a memory MicroSD (up to 32GB). In addition, the U.S. Company offers free 25 GB of online storage platform Box when we bought this tablet.

The rear camera of HP Slate 8 Pro has a resolution of 8 megapixels, autofocus and flash. The performance of this camera has seemed pretty good, even in low light conditions. In addition, HP has introduced a new control mode in a ring on the screen. When we press this ring appear around the circle we see the main camera settings, such as activation mode HDR, managing flash or access the general settings of the camera. Undoubtedly, this is a very useful and attractive concept. This camera is also capable of recording video in high quality 1080p. In the front, we have a target of 720p. The operation of this camera is quite limited and serves it right to use apps like videoconferencing Hangouts or Skype.

The operating system that integrates the HP Slate 8 Pro is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This version of the operating system Google out for some interesting features such as the option to use several different profiles or improvements that receive voice assistant Google Now. In the field of software, we would like to highlight for example the app HP ePrint. This tool is useful to print files to a printer tablet from HP. We also have an advanced camera application called “Camera” developed by NVIDIA. This is an interesting application of the standard tablet alternative. On the other hand, HP Connected Photo you can access all the pictures of your devices centrally. Finally, HP File Manager will have a good tool to browse through the files on the computer.

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