HP Omni 10, with all of its technical specifications

The HP Omni 10 is the new tablet from HP with the operating system Windows 8.1. This is a device with a standard panel repeats of the 10-inch which popularized the tablets but with a good resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Additionally, it incorporates an Intel Atom processor that gives a good performance and smoothness system, and binds to a memory of 2 GB RAM. Without doubt, the key to this tablet is found in the balance of all its specifications, as the tablet of HP doesn’t weaken in almost any technical data. The largest of its attractions found in its price. The 400 euros with which hit the market in a couple of weeks makes it a very affordable option for those users who want a tablet with Windows 8.

Regarding the design of the tablet HP, this is a team that has a very classic design with the front with a black frame around the screen and back with a rugged touch that is quite elegant. The dimensions of this tablet are d and 259.6 x 181.8 x 9.9 mm and its weight is at 650 grams. This is a team that is in line with many models on the market and it is light enough as to be convenient to use.

Where is stressed in a special way the HP Omni 10 is on its screen, the biggest challenge to us-based company to reinforce this equipment. The 10-inch panel is of an IPS and resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with that achieved a magnificent level of detail when using the tablet. To use all the features of the Windows platform panel can identify up to 10 pressure points simultaneously. In addition, to protect the screen protection is included Gorilla Glass 3.

HP has not wanted to neglect this aspect, which is usually have a lot of weight in the attraction that has a tablet when it raises its purchase, although at the time of the truth is more useful front camera than the rear (usually to make photos is usually opt for the smartphone). In this case, we have a target resolution rear 8-megapixel LED flash and ability to record video in high quality. At the front of the lens has a resolution of 2 megapixels and has been prepared for video calls with high resolution video in 1080p.

HP Omni 10

In the field of memory, HP has decided to integrate internal memory of 32 GB eMMC. At this point, it should be noted that the operating system Windows 8 will be about half of this capacity, which limits the space available to store our files and applications. Aware of this limitation, HP offers with the purchase of this tablet 50 GB of free online storage via the platform Box (the free version of this service offers 10 GB of storage). Additionally, users who need more storage capacity will also be able to expand space by memory MicroSD up to 64 GB.

The HP Omni 10 runs through a processor Intel Atom Z3770 quad core with a power of 1.46 GHz per core. With Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, this power can be increased up to 2.39 GHz at times when we need more processing power. This is a pretty powerful chip for a tablet that will allow us to run quite fluently system menus. Yes, you are missing that the firm had opted for a higher RAM as the 2 GB will remain somewhat short on time when we use multiple applications at the same time or want to run more demanding processes. This is one of the few weak points that we have encountered on this computer. The operating system of this tablet is Windows 8.1 full version of 32 bit. The updated version of this system incorporates several new features that make it more attractive to the user. For one, there is renewed official store interface of Windows apps and now more intuitive and engaging.

Finally, it is interesting to return to Windows start button, if only to ease the transition to this platform to users who are accustomed to the interface of previous versions of the system. The commitment to the full version of Windows means opening the door to use both new apps as the entire universe of desktop applications that we enjoyed on the platform, but with the limitations of the processor and RAM. But still we will have a very wide range of possibilities for use of the tablet.

The HP Omni 10 connects to the Internet through WiFi connection (in this case, we have no option to integrate a 3G module). In addition, it also integrates Bluetooth connection to be able to transmit information to compatible devices. As for the physical connections, integrates a microUSB port for charging the device and to transmit files when connected to a computer and a Micro HDMI port to see the contents of the tablet in high definition on an HDTV. Finally, also incorporates a slot for headphones.

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