HP Omni 10 is a tablet with Windows 8 which provides a very good balance in its specifications

The HP Omni 10 is a tablet of the U.S. Company that focuses on the most widely used format between tablets, ten inches. And it does so with a set of specifications so balanced that you enjoy the Windows 8.1 operating system without limitation any patent. Some of the most important arguments that has come this model are its Full HD screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, internal storage capacity of 32 GB which joins 50 other free online GB in Box platform or processor quad core to run smoothly applications of this system.

In the field of design the American company has opted for a rather classic design with frame of the front in black and quite wide relative to the screen. In the back we have a pretty nice touch with some reminiscence to soft velvet cover, but grab it when you can become a problem as it is a bit slippery. One of the details that over time has become a hallmark of the tablets from HP is the presence of a company logo embossed on the cover. The specific dimensions of the HP Omni 10 are of 259.6 x 181.8 x 9.9 mm and weighs 650 grams amounts to. The truth is that no team is a particularly neither light nor thin, and can make a grab this bit heavy equipment during longer periods of time.

In the field of the screen, HP uses a panel with IPS technology and a size of 10 inches. The best news here is the inclusion of a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which allow us to watch movies and videos from sites YouTube as a very good level of detail. The use of IPS technology also achieves good viewing angles of 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. Yes, it seems that the U.S. Company could have insisted a bit more to increase the brightness of the panel, but usually serves its purpose.

Go ahead to the photographic section on a tablet of this size it seems a secondary feature, since it is quite inconvenient to have to take pictures and videos with a device 10 inches. But the fact is that HP has maintained a good line and has introduced a target of 8 megapixels in the back that allows you to take good pictures, but below the strongest releases in the market. This camera is also capable of high quality videos in 1080p. In the front, the Omni uses a lower 2-megapixel lens which has a more than acceptable to take pictures of ourselves or use apps like Skype videoconferencing performance. Ultimately, the HP tablet goes on a high note this section.

HP Omni 10             3

One of the great aspects to highlight HP tablet is storage. And not for its internal memory, which stands at 32 GB and is in the middle of the tablets with Windows (more or less we have about 15 GB for storage of personal files, applications and games) as by the inclusion of 50 GB of free storage on Box online platform for buying this device. For users who need more capacity, they can also draw on a MicroSD card up to 64 GB.

In the field of power, the HP Omni 10 uses an Intel Atom processor with a quad-core 1.46 GHz power and RAM of 2 GB. Though the processor responds quite well both in menus and in many applications Windows, RAM can be cut into the time we use most demanding desktop applications or if we open multiple tools at once.

The operating system of this tablet is Windows 8.1. So far, the system Microsoft has not found much enthusiasm among the public. The use of this platform in the tablets has the chance to stay in no man’s land. In principle, it is an advantage to access all the full universe of desktop applications, but many of them are difficult to handle if you do not join this tablet to a wireless keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, the app store the company has not yet reached a necessary condition for the use of the touch interface is complete maturity. Of course, if these pitfalls are saved may be a great option for users who want to combine productivity with content consumption.

Among the applications that are present we would like to highlight the functionality that has OneNote. This note taking application has a mu agile use and has adapted very remarkable way the universe Windows 8. Moreover, within individual apps you added HP would like to highlight the HP Photo Connected platform, allowing us to share photographs that we have stored in our equipment and also through social networks like Facebook.

In the field of connections, the HP Omni 10 uses the WiFi connection to browse through the network. We must also highlight a microHDMI port to enjoy multimedia content in high quality tablet on your TV. Another point that we liked a lot is the inclusion of WiDi protocol which allows streaming content wirelessly to a TV or compatible device. The connections are completed with a MicroUSB port we can connect the device to your computer and perform file transfer (yes, you can use it to purchase a separate cable or reuse one wire load of a smartphone) and a slot MicroSD card up to 64 GB.

Regarding the use of multimedia tablet, plus the ability to enjoy Full HD content like movies, we would like to emphasize the power of the speakers of the tablet, which offer a yield above what is usual in this type of device (although the use of more powerful wireless speakers still another world).

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