HP has announced the appearance of its new convertible model Envyx360

The company HP has released its new convertible laptop, the HP Envyx360. As its name suggests, this team has the main feature that has a screen that can effect a rotation of 360 degrees, very useful to use the new Envy x360 in laptop or tablet mode. In addition, this new convertible HP also has features like its trackpad, i.e., the surface that serves as a mouse and supports different movements that will help us to easily interact with the screens you have open on the laptop. Also, its sound system is backed by the Beats. A whole set of features that make this new convertible HP a team with great potential that we will review below.

The exterior design of the new HP Envyx360 is elegant for its silvery color and rounded and sharp edges. In addition, the keyboard incorporated in this new convertible model HP is also silver so given a uniform to alter only by the black border around your computer screen. This has dimensions of 15.6 inches, which is quite large and therefore very convenient for to see all kinds of videos and even work with multiple windows open.

Since the new computer the HP Envyx360 is a convertible computer, what is striking is that the screen can make a 360 degree turn. Thus, this team has four positions you can put it. The first of these is that of a laptop to use, the second is its “Stand” mode where the same keyboard serves as support for its 15.6-inch screen to display video and movies, the third is known as “Tent” and its use is focused on improving the game experience, and the last is its tablet mode, with the screen on the keyboard stowed. That’s why; the display of the new HP Envyx360 is also tactile. Moreover, its resolution is Full HD reaching 1366 x 768 pixels.

The RAM Minimum x360 Envy is 6GB, a figure quite suitable for normal use, that is, without abusing the open several programs at once consuming too. However, HP also offers the possibility to purchase the Envyx360 with 8GB RAM to avoid sluggish performance if we want to work with major programs such as Photoshop.

Furthermore, the internal storage of this new convertible HP is 8GB minimum; however you can also purchase other storage capacities. Thus, the HP Envyx360 is also available with 750GB, 500GB and 1TB of internal storage. Undoubtedly, each option affects its final price. However, we will be responsible for us to decide whether we toil away that money on a removable hard drive to store all of our documents and pictures and, although we prefer to invest in one of the models with more storage. Thus, the model HP Envyx360 of 1TB will have no problem storing all documents you want on your computer without having to download them to an external device every few minutes.

HP Envyx360      1

This new convertible HP is pretty powerful, expecting a fourth generation processor Intel Core i5-4210U. Again, HP offers the possibility of acquiring a more powerful processor, Intel Core i7-4510U that will choose depending on what you’re going to give.

The operating system is the HP Envy x360 for Microsoft in its latest update, that is, the Windows 8.1. It incorporates many improvements, for example, its taskbar present in all applications at the bottom of the screen and functions such as minimize and close the windows open. So, with the addition of this new taskbar, we can create shortcuts to all applications that use most in our day to day. These applications can be purchased from the Microsoft Store, and among the most useful are the applications Mail, Skype, Spotify and many more we can get for free or paying.

Moreover, the new Windows 8.1 has also incorporated the power button located on the top right of the screen, and the options of closing or minimizing windows on the new taskbar with a single click, which is very useful to work on multiple applications at once. Moving between applications that have opened in the new HP Envy x360 has never been easier thanks to the addition of a trackpad Control Zone (surface serving mouse on laptops) with which we can, through three simple finger movements, change application, close it or access the multitasking function

In terms of connectivity, the HP Envy x360 has WiFi, Bluetooth and the Miracast technology for sharing, wirelessly, both audio and video between devices that are also incorporated. Moreover, they can also share content with living screen thanks to its HDMI input. Notably, the convertible HP new features, not least, three USB ports from which two of them work at a higher rate, to be USB 3.0, and the last at a less rapid rate, in the case of a port USB 2.0. We’ll just have to adapt each to its proper use, ie, if we want to move large files like movies, for example, we will use the ports USB 3.0.

A multimedia level, one of the most remarkable features of this new convertible model HP is its dual speaker, strategically located so that the sound quality is optimal at any position in which they use the new HP Envy x360. Furthermore, these speakers are the Beats brand, so have a very reliable guarantee. Moreover, thanks to the HP TrueVision webcam with HD resolution, the experience of making video calls for Skype and Hangouts will be much more satisfying and will have a great quality.


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