How to Wipe Hard Drive without Windows 7 Disk

To learn how to wipe out a hard drive of your computer, you have to realize the difference between deleting the contents and to wipe out them. To simply delete a file does not mean that it is gone forever. Deletion of a data means only making it invisible to the common user’s eye. You can easily get free data recovery software’s only by a Google search. Yes I am talking about both delete and shift + delete, whatever you want do from the two of these. The data still exists in the drive, waiting to be rescued.


Now come to another erasing method, formatting. It is a more secure way to get rid of the suspicious file or data but again not dependable. Formatting removes the address table of the files and thus makes it more difficult to recover. But a computer specialist can easily reach the place where the so-called formatted data is hiding.

Wipe out the hard drive

Here comes the third and the most efficient type of data erasing is to wipe out the hard drive. According to webopedia, this type of data removal operation is completely irrecoverable and safe. In the wiping out process, the entire hard disk is overwritten for several times and after that it is impossible for any software to bring it back. Suppose that you are donating your computer or handling it to someone else. Your passwords, business information- everything is at risk of exposure. So wiping out the hard disk is the only solution in these types of cases.

Installing and resetting the PC

Installing and resetting the PC with windows 8 is one of the solutions that tech experts suggest in these cases. Windows 7 does not have any wiping option in it. But today we will discuss a special situation where you cannot use a CD.

Using specialized software

Using specialized software is one of the best solutions. You can Google search writing disk wipe software. Disk Wipe, Darik’s Boot, CBL Data Shredder are famous for this operation. You can find clear instruction to follow in this operation in their website. This software’s overwritten the disk thousands of times and makes data extraction from the disk almost impossible. Besides it is also one of the few ways that erase all data completely but keeps the hard disk in a usable condition.

Degaussers is most effective tools in wiping out the hard disk

Degaussers are one of the most effective tools in wiping out the hard disk. It interrupts in the magnetic field of the hard disk which contains the sensitive data. This method is almost 100 percent effective. But the problem is that Degaussers may not be available and if available it costs a lot of money, probably 500 US Dollars. Moreover, the process makes the hard disk completely useless.

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Physically destroying

If you are willing to destroy the hard disk forever, but not willing to spend so much money, then the age-old method of burning is available for you. Physically destroying the disk will ensure the safety you need. Turning the disk into ashes, destroying into pieces, melting it, smashing it will make the data extraction impossible. In countries like USA, some companies offer service to destroy the hard disk for money. If you do it by yourself, please remember that the process is dangerous and you should use glasses and keep safe distant from it.

Physically destroying

The wiping out of hard disk has recently gained renewed attention after Kaspersky revealed that NSA embeds secret software in hard disks, built by leading companies. No matter which process you choose, think and re-think is there any chance when you will need the data again. It is better to save backup copies of the file elsewhere.


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