How to use and configure an Android tablet for the first time

When we got our hands for the first time a tablet with the operating system Android, the first thing to do is set it up correctly to start enjoying all the benefits of the technology of the current tablets. This configuration process typically does not offer too many difficulties, yet in this article will show you step by step all the processes that must perform the first start up your brand new tablet.

Before starting the tutorial we need to ensure that we meet the list of requirements:

  • Having the tablet turned on and the battery charged.
  • Having an Internet connection (do not worry, if you do not know how to activate a wireless connection on your tablet, also I’ll explain below).
  • Have a Gmail email account (the account can be created for free from
  • In principle these are all necessary requirements start with the following tutorial. 

How to configure the Internet connection of an Android tablet

First we have to activate the Internet connection of our tablet to configure correctly. To do this, once we have on the tablet, we must look at it in the top of the screen (or in some cases at the bottom) some icons such as the battery charge or even when on the right. If you press your finger on the bar (e.g. in the center of the bar) we see that we can slide up and down.

To enable connection to a WiFi network (i.e., connecting our router) just have to press on the icon that has the name “WiFi”. Now we will open a settings menu where you should select our network WiFi and then enter the password of the router (can find under the appliance company’s Internet we have at home). In case you want to activate a connection 3G (i.e. a connection to the mobile internet) we must ensure that our tablet supports this option and, having previously entered the SIM card into the tablet, we must perform the same steps as we explained in the case of free WiFi with the difference that this time will click the icon “Data”.

How to configure an Android tablet for the first time

Once we have our tablet connected to the wireless network of Internet, now we just have to follow these steps to make the tablet a hundred percent configured and ready to use for long.

First we have to understand the function of each of the buttons that incorporates tablet. The button “Home”, i.e., “Home”, will serve to return directly to the main screen of the tablet and usually has the shape of a house. The button “Go Back” serves precisely to what its name suggests, to go back in the navigation of the tablet (see return to the previously viewed page in the browser, for example). This button looks like an arrow facing left. In the tablets with Android 4.0 or higher we also find the button of multi-tasking (has the icon of two rectangles, one behind another), which will help us to see all the applications that are being executed in the background so that you can close them in the event that was charging in excess the performance of the tablet.

Android tablet

Once we understand the function of each button, we will go to the list of tablet apps (usually this is done by pressing a button with circular or square within several square located on the main screen) and select there the application of “Play Store”. When you open the application it will ask us to set up our account Gmail -unless they have already made ​​to turn on the tablet, and with this configuration we have full access to endless list of applications on Android.

If we want to know the version of Android that is running our tablet, just have to go to the menu settings (with a gear icon) and look for the option “About tablet”.

From here, we can only begin to gradually learn to use all the applications available to the tablet. We must remember that if we want to make any settings you have two options: the first is to access the notification bar, and the second would enter the application settings located in the list of programs on the tablet.

Install applications without using Google Play

The official Android market (GooglePlay) applications, we have plenty of games and applications for download. However sometimes you may want to access an application that is not in it. For example it can be an application that has happened to us a friend, or we have found surfing the net.

Before attempting to install anything manually I advise checking the App or the game is really not GooglePlay, and if this will be better than is installed from there (you will have access to the latest versions and updates, and may know the opinion of other users).

Once I decided to manually install something we know we need the apk file extension. This file contains everything you need to install the application and then run. Once it will proceed to copy it to your smartphone. In our application we will use an Android file manager (e.g. ES File Explorer) to access the apk file, click on it to indicate whether we want to install the application.

Do not worry you did nothing wrong. Most devices are configured to allow the installation of applications only GooglePlay (official market). But we can change the settings. To do this we access settings, and within it to the Security section. And she activated the option Unknown sources: Allow installation of applications from unknown sources.


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