How to destroy a hard drive quickly

In recent years destroy hard drive is one of the most talked and searching issue to the searchers in internet. So along with this topic your hard drive could be vulnerable to you. If it contains lots of serious virus or something like a bug, then you have to take a proper step to destroy it permanently. In other words destroying a hard drive will also erase the firmware of the drives like nothing leave behind. The method of destruction should be chosen by you like in which way you want to destroy it. And whether or you’re not on a plan of reselling it, donating to someone, or re-using the equipment behind.

Yeah, in this case backup is mostly important because after destroying you will never return-any of your precious data. Although it’s a straight forward topic to talk that all of these data you saved within the hard drive and beloved footage of your family members that you love more than any picture. So firstly you have to ensure all of your data is stored in another safe place, and then you can move to the path to destroy your hard drive. Now for better understanding I will describe few more funny and also serious options to get rid of your previous hard disk.

Removing the magnetic field:

At the outset, before permanently destroy hard drive data with the use of a degausser. Firstly, we have to disrupt the magnetic field on the drive, the very way that a hard drive stores data.

Removing the magnetic field

Once kill disk is run, all data is destroyed permanently, and is completely unrecoverable. You can write and access data more quickly than you would be able to do it in a storage system that was just a bunch of disks. For the average computer owner or organization, degassing probably isn’t a cost valuable way to totally erase a hard drive.

Destroy by excessive heat:

If you do not agree with the previous option about destroying your hard drive or didn’t find any better option to destroy it then just put this in a microwave. Just as there is no way to extract the written information from a burned quantity of paper, to read the data there are no way exits from a hard drive and it will destroy.

Destroy by using chemical:

Although using chemical is too much risky, but it can be more useful than the other method. It’s like soaking the hard drive in watery muriatic or hydrochloric acid. In this way Put some pour acid on a hard drive and set it on fire. This might be work, but you have to run it on your risk by burning yourself or breathing fumes by toxic element.

Serious readers are always managed them to retain up to date, like these-few strategies. Although they are the simplest, however, currently that we’ve got a style for it. lastly few questions to the reader that way would you make sure that your knowledge might never be recovered. Seriously, be careful! Hard drives include all kinds of parts that can go flying, even if you’re hitting it somewhat gently.

Destroy metallic disks on the drive:

People just throw away thousands of hard drives every year without taking any appropriate steps to destroy hard drive data, so you can imagine how much valuable and sensitive data they are potentially handing over to criminals as well as opportunists.


Destroy metallic disks on the drive

Yeah, if you have some time to kill just disassemble them. As far as I know the only way to stop professionals from restoring anything is to totally destroy the metal disks situated in the drive, for instance melting them perfectly.

By drilling or nailing:

With your eye protection on, constantly strike the hard drive on various sides until it starts to open. When open, you want to entice out the round silver platter from inside.You can destroy hard drive yourself by nailing or drilling through it many times, ensuring the Winchester drive platter is being entered on every occasion. In fact, any methodology of destroying the Winchester drive platter is sufficient as well as sanding the platter when being removed or shattering it. And it’s a very satisfying method to destroy your hard drive.

destroy hard drive

By drilling or nailing

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