The hidden features of iOS 8 which Apple would not teach at WWDC

A few days ago Apple announced its latest operating system of iOS 8. The new platform for phones and tablets that will be available from next autumn has presented revolutionary changes over its predecessor iOS 7 but has focused on improving some aspects. The CEO of the company Tim Cook and vice president of software Craig Federighi were in accuse of showing the highlights in the developer seminar. Among other new features, iOS 8 simplifies the use of messaging services and email, and improves self-correcting system that from now on will not only change misspelled words, but also provide possible answers to messages received even before the user begin typing. It also improves Siri and includes Shazam.

In addition, WWDC presented two outstanding applications: Health, which gathers all the information of different applications on health and physical activity of the user, and HomeKit, allowing controlling from the mobile household appliances such as lights, doors and automatic windows or thermostats. They did not speak for many functions more either because of time or for not wanting to reveal future gadgets. But the fact is that iOS 8 includes some utilities buried in the platform.

Location-based notifications

The latest OS from Apple will incorporate the ability to send notifications on the lock screen based on the user’s location. That is, if we have the app icon installed in the terminal Starbucks and spent close to one of their establishments appear on the opposite side of the camera for direct access to their various offerings. Recall in this connection that iOS 7, and determines the exact geolocation of the user through the bluetooth and sends messages, offers or information that you think might be of interest in its U.S. stores Apple Store.

Cost control battery

Both Android and iOS apps are offering to check how much battery consuming apps installed on the mobile phone. Others go a step further and allow you to define a specific task from a percentage of battery. The battery is still an unresolved issue for most mobile phones. After approximately two years, this component starts to underperform and needs more loads. Sometimes it does not last even a day, depending on the applications you have open the user. Following Apple seems to have moved this record and monitor 8 will allow the device iOS so you can know which apps should close that is low on energy.

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“Apple may be taking this step because the expense of battery is one of the problems that affect users. They could have built this functionality long as this information is public and is very easy to develop, but so far not have been made by either lack of interest or political closed”, he explained.

A truly private search engine in Safari

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is characterized by emphasis on privacy and does not record user information. Now, the tool which claims to be the only “not tracked” will be included in the Safari of Cupertino at the expense of popular Google browser bar. Last 2013 the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) Google fined for committing three serious violations of the Organic Law on Data Protection, each fined 300,000 euros. The Spanish agency explained that sanctions were due to “illegal” treatment of personal data derived from the new Google privacy policy.

The agency found that the company collects and processes personal information illegally, in addition to not providing adequate information to the user what kind of data collected and for what purposes does. As a result, found that the Mountain View gravely violate the right to personal data protection to all citizens recognized in Article 18 of the Spanish Constitution and regulated by the Data Protection Act.

It would seem that Apple has chosen DuckDuckGo to safeguard the security of its users, but most experts agree that these are not exactly the reasons that have moved to Cupertino. And that was the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, and considered the commercial rivalry between its devices and those of Google as a real war. This hatred towards Android Jobs was known since 2011, when the official biography of Apple co-founder was published it was discovered that he was willing to spend “every penny” of the company to destroy the operating system of Google.

Tracking the iWatch

But what also drew more attention, regardless of these utilities were some other tools that were announced and may point to future gadgets. The mentioned Health is a good example of this. According to various analysts the new tool will bring information on the health of not only the iPhone, but a wearable is to come and may well be expected iWatch. The same is true HomeKit that allows control from mobile appliances such as lights, doors and windows or automatic thermostats. And no one imagines that Apple offers the option of turning off the light in a room with only smartphone. But rather with a smart watch that always takes on the wrist.


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