Haier LE39M600CF is an interesting choice with good picture quality

The Haier LE39M600CF is a TV LED capable of displaying the contents with resolution Full HD and a good refresh rate of 200 Hz with which fluid images in movies and the action scenes are achieved. This model has a size of 39 inches and a light and thin design for easy installation in the lounge. In addition, it must also highlight different advanced features such as for example the ability of record content from a USB memory stick and pause playback of a program when we are recording. The Haier LE39M600CF is available in the market for a price of approximately 400 euros.

The Haier TV has a size of 39 inches and can play files with a resolution of Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In the tests, we liked the color quality and definition of the images shown. To customize the playback of the scenes, we have several different picture modes, such as a vivid way, how soft or eco mode to save a greater amount of energy. Another interesting point is the choice of reducing image noise for a clearer outcome. This feature can be customized through the various levels as low, medium and high. It also liked the refresh rate of the TV, which reaches 200 Hz and with which a more fluid and more realistic end result scenes are achieved. Of course, this is not a first-line model, but this TV offers a more than acceptable performance for users who do not want to invest heavily in its new team.

One of the most interesting features found in the computer LE39M600CF are functions of recording and playback via USB. The TV allows you to use either a USB memory as an external hard drive to record favorite TV content. While we are doing the recording of a show or movie on TV, we can use the characteristic time shift. Due to this feature, we have the option to stop playback or return to a specific point in real time. This feature is useful if for example we want to pause to go to the bathroom or to smoke a cigarette. Yes, it is noteworthy that in the tests the operation of this feature has not been as smooth you’d expect, and sometimes problems occurred during recording that caused the sound desynchronized respect to the image.

Through the USB we can play the content we’ve transferred to memory. Such media include both songs and pictures and videos in formats like MP4 or MKV (the format typically used for movies in high quality). One of the most interesting details of the application used to play the files is that we can have a preview of the multimedia files as we passed over them. Also, we liked the simplicity and agility with which it can handle this platform to enjoy various contents without having to use an HDMI cable to connect the computer to the television.

Haier LE39M600CF     2

The design model of Haier uses a thin panel that has greatly reduced the frame size to generate the feeling that this is a screen with a still larger. Specifically, the panel thickness is 6.3 centimeters. This is a pretty classic design in black which is a necessary to emphasize the inclusion of the logo of Haier in white on the bottom of the frame and with a trapezoidal base that offers a good level of stability and grip the TV (although we danced a little Time to push or grab the TV allows a fairly high degree of reliability). In addition, the TV is light enough to provide easy install in the living room or in another room of the house. Specifically, the Haier LE39M600CF weighs 10.1 kilos including the base.

Regarding the management, this is one of the points that should be improved in this proposal from the Asian company. And not so much because of the TV menus, who achieved a good level of use, but because sometimes we have found problems in the response of the TV when we pressed some of the buttons on the remote control.

In the field of connections this TV, you can enjoy up to three HDMI inputs differently. One of these ports also served to launch the connection MHL. This technology will serve to connect a smartphone or tablet via cable and display the contents of the mobile device in real time on television. That means we can see both movies and videos you’re playing on the device as well as the different menus of the operating system or different games to enjoy on a big screen. We also have a component video input, an input VGA to connect to a desktop or a headphone output.

Finally, we must highlight the entry USB of which we have spoken before to perform the tasks of recording and playback of content. The audio on this TV uses two speakers with an output of 10 watts each for a total power of 20 watts. The performance of these speakers serves to muddle through without problems, but does not become outstanding.


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