Google chooses the best designed apps in this summer

As each season, the company Google updates its selection of applications with best design available content store Google Play. A list that includes games, applications and tools that have gotten the attention of publishers have a different, visually appealing and highly accomplished. One feature that is becoming more weight when creating applications and, especially, when it is consumed by users. This has become the new listing Summer Play Google.


It is a well known application of languages designed to practice vocabulary and grammar learning anytime, anywhere. A curious tool designed for all types of users, with different exercises and also a daring and attractive design, but does not neglect the simple lines of modern fashion.


The application for any fan of football has also carved a niche in this listing. And is that beyond pick up details of the meetings, information teams and selections and other many more data of stadiums and venues where it is played, makes it attractively. Taking care of details like the transitions between menus, characters, and images that integrates.


We could not miss an application of travel in this listing. And it is the perfect excuse to fill the device screen with beautiful images. In addition, this tool not only proposes to find places to visit, but eating establishments and enjoys other activities. All with a customizable character and a visual appearance that makes its use more pleasant.


In this case it is an application with a curious operation. Focused on the sommeliers and wine lovers, proposes to capture all the labels or bottles consumed proven to create a complete record. Something like a virtual wine cellar tasted. Again, all with a simple operation where less is more, making the user experience is the most comfortable and enjoyable thanks to its careful design.

Yahoo News Digest

This is another application that had already caught the attention of media and users. It is a tool created by the company news Yahoo and surprising in its design and operation. The idea is to gather twice a day the most important news of different areas. With this, the user can be informed in the morning and at night thanks to the bulletins. This is slipping through the news to see pictures and read the text nice and colorful way, without neglecting the simplicity and the colors.

FlightTrack 5

Surprisingly, an information tool on flights has been collected by Google to its listing. And, beyond its functionality to check all the routes, routes and air travel, has a wealth of maps, weather information, data and more places. All this thanks to its ordered structure and visual design you own. Images, pop-up menus, adjustment bar… issues that demand attention and make the wearer feel comfortable and never lost between the different menus and options.


Art and design is often associated with intelligence. Whether logically when choosing the designs, colors and shapes, or through applications such as Lumosity. In this case the tool aims to train the user’s brain on a daily basis with different exercises. These tests consist of logic, mathematics and skill. The funny thing is that its design is most striking, getting, with few elements on the screen, a sound that accompanies the situation and some smooth animations, practice is fun and enjoyable, forgetting that this is a test to mental abilities of the user.


The service music through Internet most famous has also achieved a place among the most stylish applications as Google. And its latest design changes, relying on the elegant black seem to satisfy the demands of the most discerning user who not only care about the sound.

Series Guide

Despite its simple and even simpler logo, let this tool to record all the series and movies that the user sees has managed to dazzle Google. And, in some ways resembles its own movie store, Google Play Movies. It is a tool to search for information about television content and record everything that has been on them for not skipping any chapter.


It seems that a complete redesign is what we needed the online rental service Airbnb. And, after modifying its logo and the performance and appearance of its application, has managed to be selected by Google to appear in the list of most stylish applications summer 2014. google-play-apps-verano-2014-03An application full of images which is very comfortable to navigate through transitions and can see all the aspects and details of a home that can be rented directly from the app itself.

Runtastic Pro

Close this list of the tools sports known for more phones. This is the full version or pay Runtastic, centered record activity and fitness of the user. An application for both sports enthusiasts and those new users who want to get fit. And, through its menus, you can set all kinds of training and testing to pursue the goals of the user. All with a minimalist design but full enjoying of care transitions between menus and options that marry harmoniously with the overall package.


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