Gold HTC One an Exclusive Smartphone for Endless HTC Lovers

The Gold HTC One is stated that the most elite and expensive HTC phone ever created by HTC Corporation. It is essentially the only gold-plated HTC One in North America. It has been plated in 24 carat gold which is valued at over US $2500.

The Gold HTC One is produced to celebrate the MOBO Awards’ 18th Anniversary. Two of the five Gold HTC One will be presented to the lucky winners in a contest named “HTC in NYC”, sponsored by HTC, in Glasgow.

Though The HTC One is on hand in aluminum, red and black, the gold option is very inadequate. The Gold HTC One embraces all the performance and working execution of the award-winning HTC One, including HTC Blink Feed, HTC Zoe, and HTC Boom Sound, together re-originating the mobile experience as well as placing a new standard for smart phones.

The Gold HTC One has been declared as “The New Gold Record” by Phil Blair, the European president of HTC. He said, “The best artists have always been given gold discs to celebrate their success, but today most people listen to music on their phone. We wanted to celebrate that fact.”

There are stack of gold or sparkling wine tinted smart phones on the market place, but this HTC One is more unique than others. It is incomparable and matchless in that case as it is plated in actual 24ct gold; it is not just covered in paint.

It is big, it is bold, it is yellow and it is the Gold HTC One. Unlike the extra added champagne tone of some other new and additional gold colored smart phone, this seems to be very similar to an actual gold bar.

There is no such difference between the Gold HTC One and the regular HTC One. Seeing that with the Porsche Design of Blackberry P9982 model, the single variation flanked by a gold plated HTC One and a regular model is its case. But the whole thing inside the phone such as RAM, GPU and other hardware stuffs are precisely the same.

We, people, are curious and we imagine in curiosity if the gold plating would weigh down the device, but that doesn’t happen in reality. Although it is a pinch heavier than the ordinary aluminum HTC One, the gold plating didn’t have a noticeable effect.

HTC exclaimed in an occasion that the gold plating shouldn’t interfere with the radio waves inside the phone. As the statement answered by HTC, it means the device can actually be used as a normal phone.

Though it is plated with 24 carat gold, it doesn’t mean that the HTC One device is finger print proof. In a limited handling of the gadget, it is noticeable that the genuine and complete gold finish was a small piece of a finger print magnet.

Luckily you can keep the device dirt free with the help of a soft cloth or a soft brush. The simple solitary thing to store in mind is that gold is a soft and smooth metal, so it can be scratched and dinged quite easily and undoubtedly.

Apple and Samsung may have gold colored smart phones but HTC has won the bet with gold plated phones. In October 8, HTC UK released five limited edition 18 carat gold plated HTC One devices, selling for $4416 US Dollar.

 It is witnessed that the gold color really pops when it is put beside the standard aluminum HTC One. The silver color of the aluminum one appears white in contrast. You can not help but be struck by its glowing color while you are having the limited gold HTC One. It is a true fact that real gold has a yellow hue which makes it individual and exceptional from other authentic metals. Putting side by side to the more champagne nature of a gold iPhone 5S, real gold HTC One undeniably holds a plenty of more clarity. Since for the device itself, it is still solely a standard HTC One.  Simply with the exterior, it is more akin to a gold bar.

At present, HTC USA is getting in on the gilded trend with a 24 carat gold version of the HTC One, valued at over $2500. It is essential to become familiar with the fact that this phone is very exclusive before you start saving your moneys in order to buy it. In fact, some reporters photographed the gold HTC One in North America at HTC’s office which is situated in New York City. In addition, HTC is giving away just two of these devices in “HTC in NYC” contest that runs through the New York City.

Even though you do not have the capability to own a real gold HTC One, you are not out of fate from tip to toe. Because, HTC is giving you a chance to fulfill your desire.  HTC Corporation is advertising and putting up the HTC One in gold color for sale in Finland and other European markets on December 13.


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