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Technology is for the betterment of mankind. We have seen various forms of uses of technology to connect people, help someone in their crisis period by raising money, be a part of several social activity group, make people aware of any social issue, make people laugh, entertain, etc.

In other words technology has been there to make a better world and community. On that note, this article is another example where the idea is to bring hopes through web technology for those people who are in less privileged condition, to make a better life for them in the community. Let’s talk about how that can be done.

Most of us have extra stuff that we don’t need and want to giveaway. For that what we do is very simple. We either throw that stuff in the trash or drop off in a thrift store. The people who are not financially well off goes to a thrift store to buy those donated items. Have you ever thought of why those people should spend money to get your donated item? Donated items should be absolutely free for the people in need.

That concern brought the idea of having a website where people can post Ad ONLY on free items including food so that those people can look for all free items and services in one place. Such a platform is where you can post Ad on anything you want to donate or giveaway to make them absolutely free for those people. Moreover, if someone wants to do volunteer work to help others, they can post Ad on this website too. The motto of this website is “Giveaway the stuffs you do not need, bring hopes to someone in need”.

Let’s first see what’s in it for you for giving away your stuff through

  • Sign up is very easy and free
  • Post Ad on any item (single or multiple) of any size (small or large) at anytime
  • Can also donate a food item if you want
  • No need to adjust your schedule to drop off anywhere
  • Save your gas and time
  • Giveaway any small or large item without any hassle
  • Choose your preferred delivery method

Posting Ad through this website is very simple. You will need to create a free account to post Ad on this website. To create an account, hit the “Register” icon on the very top right corner of home page. You will be asked to provide a user name, email address and password to register with You can then have the option to edit your profile through the “Edit Profile” button on the side widget. It’s that simple. You can also reset your password if you forgot or lost it.


Create your account


Edit your profile

Now, how you can post an Ad on Again, posting Ad on this platform is pretty easy and free. First, hit the “Post Ad Free” button at the top right corner of the home page. That will take you to the listing submission page where you can select the category and subcategory of the item that you want to give free.


In the next step, you will be asked to enter required fields such as title of your Ad, city, postal code, your preferred delivery method, and description for your Ad. You can also add 3 image files of your item. You can then hit the “Submit” button and your Ad will be live on this website. There are several delivery methods for the Ad poster to choose according to their choice.

You can edit your Ad listings from “My Dashboard” section at the very top right corner of the homepage. You can report your Ad if that expires. Your Ad will be active on this website for 30 days since the first day of you posted the Ad. You can also delete your Ad from the dashboard.


My dashboard


List of My ads

If you find any Ad on and you need the item, you can contact the Ad poster. To contact the Ad poster, click the Ad of the item you want then you will see the contact poster widget on the right side. In that contact poster section, you need to enter your name, email address and a message for the Ad poster. Then the Ad poster will receive an email of your inquiry regarding that item. If the Ad poster wants to contact you, they will reply your email.


Contact Poster

You can search for any free item that you want to get on The searching is on the home page. You can enter the item name, service name or city in the field where it says “What item, service or city you are looking for?”. Then hit the Search button. That will display all the Ad listing that matches your criteria for the item or volunteer service or city you are looking for. You can also select a category or subcategory from the category drop down list and hit search button to find all Ad listing of that area.


Search Direct or Category wise

On the search results page, you will see a “Refine Results” widget on the right side where you can enter the city you are looking for to narrow down Ad listing just for that city. You can also refine the search result by adjusting the value of radius.


Refine Result

There is a Blog page on where you can write about or related area. You can share and like on Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and g+1.

This platform has it’s own terms of use, privacy policy and posting policies. It’s recommended for users to review those terms and policies for best practices and be aware of their responsibilities from a user perspective.

You can contact the support team for any question, comment or concern. You can either email them at or contact through the contact form in the “Contact Us” page.


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