The giant ”Lenovo” shows its teeth

Two or three years now Lenovo has gone from being a company that you’d probably never heard to be on everyone’s lips. The Chinese firm has experienced dramatic growth in the market, thanks partly to a solid base with which they had in their native country and an aggressive policy of expansion that has placed it as the largest seller of PC Globe. And growth does not stop there. Lenovo also be important in the search segment of tablets and smartphones, and soon see land a good number of these devices.

Undoubtedly, the major milestone of the Chinese company has become the largest PC manufacturer in the global market that keeps fighting side by side with all historical and HP. Lenovo has taken the strength you have in your home country (China) to grow in other markets systematically, at a time of general retreat of the PC market by the economic crisis and the explosion of tablets. Annual growth rates above 10% which, together with the difficulties of other manufacturers, have made it climb to the first position in a record time.

In its rise in the market has also had a key role procurement has been conducted in recent years. The most important was the purchase of the division of IBM PC, in 2005, which allowed Lenovo acquired experience and expertise in this critical market. Its landing in Europe also had a major with the purchase of the German company stop Medion in 2011, which allowed it to move up in the Teutonic country and in other countries in which the firm was present.

According to the latest data released by Gartner in the third quarter of this year, Lenovo has a market share of 17.6%, half a point ahead of its main rival HP. Yes, the Asian firm faces a fall in the rate of sales growth since its growth was “only” a 2.8%. A very positive figure for the market situation but is far from what we had used the mark in recent years.

The great success of Lenovo in the market has been, to our knowledge; know how to offer the public a very consistent range of products from the most affordable to the most leading computer models. This balance has allowed it to escape the image of being a focused brand in selling cheap equipment; a problem a few years ago suffered Acer (despite having many top teams) and today is still beating. For example, models like the Lenovo Yoga has established itself as a leader in design and innovation, and this characterization can be applied to many models of the brand.


Following this path, the company has also established a strong brand in the professional market with its product line ThinkPad. Professional models have been acquired over the years a reputation for ruggedness and reliability which is reaping the fruits Lenovo. One of the most prominent models of recent times is the Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1, which this year has received a major overhaul in which the functionality of your touch panel is included. A very light and thin but with a rugged design that has become one of the star teams for professional equipment.

If something has clearly Lenovo a while, is that their strategy does not end in the PC world. This year we have seen the entry into the European market for a large fleet of tablets that have allowed you to multiply your sales in this segment (the latest figures announced by the company, had succeeded in bringing this year and more than two million and a half tablets worldwide).

However, the intention of the Chinese firm is to follow this path in the coming months and fight against the heavyweights in this segment, with both Apple and especially Samsung. And the Korean company stands as the main rival in this field for your domain on the platform Android. Although currently the market suggests that the ultimate goal is to become stronger in the devices with the operating system of Google, the fact is that the brand has not wanted to forget the emerging market for tablets with Windows 8, with models like the Lenovo Miix two.

Another of the segments that could not be absent the equation is smartphones. And we can not forget that Lenovo already has a significant presence in this market within their country, which is in second place (and a second position in a market the size of China is no small feat). The company clearly intends to become strong also outside their land, and 2013 has meant launching their phones in many markets throughout the globe. Yes, for now these devices have not reached countries, a situation that almost certainly change over 2014. Lenovo has already announced by active and passive that its intention is to become the largest seller of all personal devices, that is, both computers as smartphones and tablets.


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