Gamification, playing instead of working

“Playing instead of working becomes the establishment in recreation”, said the American writer Bob Black in his book The Abolition of Work, published an essay in 1985 in which the political scientist considers the game as a resource to combat “the monotony and exclusivity of a job, something that destroys interest in any activity and all its recreational potential”.

In line with the thinking of Black, the gamification is to apply game dynamics in environments which are not normally play to get the motivation of individuals in their role players.

Ariel Regatky, Head of talent for Citi Latin America, explains: “once a year we organize a program of evaluation and hiring of professionals that apply some 700 participants. After a selection process, a 10% used a simulator of banking business. In this context, about 30 executives from the Citi note how applicants perform in computer software. So you can see how is decision making, who is the leader and how to tolerate frustration, among other characteristics considered to select those hired to be part of a two-year program that will take them through different functions and countries of Latin America”.

This simulator is developed by Business Skills an Argentina firm specializing in software that organizations use to evaluate potential employees, strengthen relationships between team members and, of course, train with traditional pedagogical tools.

According to its director, Mark Glass, gamification as such needs a combination of elements to be successful. “Technology is key because it allows the creation of very attractive games via Web solutions and mobile applications. Moreover, it is crucial that players engage in the game. Goals That must be difficult to achieve, should, but always achievable. A very important feature of the games is that while participating, people can become the protagonists of some transcendent mission. Moreover generate an immediate response that allows the individual to realize that their actions have an instant impact. Among other details provide precise allowing you to see the progress you make them, and this also strengthens the ego and the ability to demonstrate how to improve measurement”.

One of the success stories is the most resonant gamification Nike +, a platform that tracks the physical activity of the user, allowing estimate its evolution over time. Thus, the sports brand becomes entertaining something is boring for many: exercise.

It is that using motion sensors it is possible that anyone who wants to improve your sports routine stays motivated, since this system allows control improvement of the performance tables, set personal challenges, and compete with friends or strangers, since records can be shared on social networks.


At the local level, the hosting firm launched a tool called DonWeb SitioSimple, which allows any user to easily create a website. “SitioSimple poses a role assumed by the user, as it goes on assignment increases their level within the platform, and thus earn achievements as improve its search engine rankings, get better web presence”, says Gerardo Lagger, interaction designer Rosario working on the project. “Effect is that users achieve the purpose for which it began using the solution and the platform is in high demand”, he adds.

Looking for ways to encourage the collection of glass bottles for recycling back in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2009 installed a container become an arcade machine where you had to throw the bottles by several holes, with the maximum possible speed. The result was that the container was used a hundred times in an afternoon, while another in the same area was used only twice

HabitRPG is an application for computers and smartphones that rewards achievement and penalizes forgetfulness in daily activities that we schedule in advance. As one gains experience levels up. On the other hand, whenever you fall into a bad habit or tasks are not completed, you lose health until it dies, it means you go back in the progress made. “I use this app to change my habits. For example, some of my daily tasks include reading a scientific paper, train my dog, sweeping, eat lots of fruits and sleep before midnight”, says Elio Campitelli, a student 25 years that ensures that, from using the tool feels more stimulated and active.


Gartner predicts that by the end of this year, over 70% of Fortune 2000 organizations will have at least one application of gamification, compared with 20% who did so in 2012.

The experts consulted said gamification is a powerful tool to engage employees, customers and the general public. It is also useful to change behaviors, develop skills and promote innovation. And, as Crystal concludes- “although the words player game and get bad press behind it can be fun learning”.


Bad press

The game gets a bad press; it is considered an activity to spread, in the end, does nothing. But this is far from certain

Another way to think

The game is used not only for humans, but for all the higher mammals as the most effective form of learning

Playful Memory

As is primarily practice enables the game to be impossible to incorporate knowledge mechanically memorize

As boys

Met and that fact that we have all witnessed: the seriousness with which children play.


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