Galaxy S5 by Samsung vs. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently reigning supreme after having beaten the current installation of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the Note 3. With the release of a successor to the Note 3, The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 drawing ever more close, it is quite interesting to learn how it will square off with the S5. Much can be learnt from the details of the previous face-off between the S5 and the Note 3 and from the rumors around the release of the Note 4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was beaten hands down in areas such as:

  • The design, where the S5 won the day with a compact and water resistant design.
  • The display, where despite having the smaller of the two, the S5 proved a winner with its more accurate colors and brighter display.
  • Keyboard, where despite having the same keyboard features, the Galaxy S5 was more comfortable to type on.
  • Camera features, where the Galaxy S5 had an edge over the Galaxy Note 3 due to a couple of extra features such as the Selective Focus feature.
  • Value, due to the fact that you can get all the features of the Galaxy Note 3 on the Galaxy S5 with the exception of the stylus features and the 5.7 inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy Note 3 was not without its victories as it proved to be more than a match for the Galaxy S5 in areas such as:

  • Audio, where the Note 3’s richer and more accurate sound won the day despite not being the louder of the 2.
  • Special features, due to the presence of a heart monitor and a fingerprint reader. This victory was also aided by the stylus features which make it a productivity powerhouse.
  • Its superior battery life also got the better of the Galaxy Note 3.

There are also areas where the two came out tied with no winner at the end of the day. These areas include:

  • The interface, where both versions proved to be winners in their own rights. The Galaxy S5 has a more attractive interface than the Note 3 while the Note 3 has a more robust interface both of which give you the same TouchWiz functionality and features.
  • Performance, where both devices proved to be at par in terms of synthetic and real world tests.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy S5 Vs Galaxy Note 3

The areas to look at, given the data from the S5 and Note 3 comparison, are those where the S5 enjoyed dominance to see if the Note 4 has managed to claim victories in areas where its predecessor failed to deliver. These areas are:

  1. Design
  2. Display
  3. Interface
  4. Keyboard
  5. Performance
  6. Camera features
  7. Image quality
  8. Value

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s release rumors have been centered on 3 areas which are faster processor, improved S-pen features and faster data speeds.

Galaxy S5 by Samsung vs. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  Galaxy S5 Galaxy Note 4  
Design —– ——
Display winner
Interface winner
Keyboard winner
Performance winner
Camera features winner
Image quality winner
value winner


  • The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have a 20.7MP camera up from the 13MP which featured on the Note 3.
  • The battery is expected to be upgraded to a battery unit between 3600 and 3800 mAh
  • Android 4.5 Lollipop is expected to feature on the Note 4 up from the Android 4.3 that runs on the Note 3.
  • The processor for the Note 4 is expected to be an Octa-Core 64bit that is complemented with a RAM of 4GB and a massive 128GB of internal storage.

All these specifics weigh heavily on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and prove the much awaited Galaxy Note 4 to be well worth the wait and hype.

Main contributor of this article: Sanjay Kumar Negi


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