The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is a leap forward that can attract many eyes

If you liked the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but not feeling it no use to the camera design fattened Gear, Samsung remedied. The Korean company has announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, a smart clock that improves the performance of the previous generation but it eliminates camera Galaxy Gear 2. This watch will come in April with several improvements in its functions, such as the inclusion of a music player itself, a dual core processor to run more smoothly menus and applications and a robust design to both dust and dives water.

But above all, the great step they take new Galaxy Gear 2 l or find their autonomy. The Korean company says this intelligent clock will be able to withstand normal use for two to three days without recharging.

The Samsung Galaxy 2 Neo retains the fundamental design lines of the previous Galaxy Gear, with a slight variation on the strap when using a granulated design drawing instead of the vertical lines the first pitch. Moreover, remains of the plastic strap and metallic centerpiece, which is stained with the colors of each model.

The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is available in various configurations in orange, gray and black. Course the big difference in the forms of this watch makes the absence of the camera. The decision to dispense with the camera allows achieving a lower weight on the device but curiously has not resulted in a slimmer design. Specifically, the dimensions of Gear 2 Neo are 37.9 x 58.8 x 10 mm and can weigh 55 grams.

As for the screen remains the same as the previous generation of this smart watch. I mean, we have a Super AMOLED panel with a size of 1.63 inches and a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. This technology will allow us to enjoy a very bright images perfect to see the contents of the clock even when you get the direct impact of sunlight.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is intended to be used in conjunction with the premier mobile Samsung accessory. To do this, hand and shows Bluetooth 4.0 connection to transfer and synchronize content to watch some of the main functions of the smartphone. For example, the Gear 2 Neo we can make and receive calls directly, check the time or calendar appointments or receive notifications of emails and various apps.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo

Briefly, the main objectives of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo consist avoid us having to remove the phone from our pocket when we hurry or do not want to waste time unlocking the smartphone. We’ll have to wait to find out which models will be compatible with this phone are (surely the Galaxy S5 is one of them), but if the same trend as the previous generation of Gear all Samsung smartphones updated to Android 4.3 is maintained Jelly Bean should be compatible.

The clock control can carry out using keystrokes or voice through the wizard S Voice. A feature that we found very useful and the first Gear is able to find the device via a beep when you astray. This feature also works the other way, ie, we can hear an insistent beep on our smartphone when we astray. It is a very interesting option for the most clueless. Among the new additions, we would like to highlight the option of Gear 2 Neo to become a remote control for our Smart TV. This function is performed through WatchOn.

One of the major changes are in the bowels of this watch is the inclusion of Samsung’s own operating system Tizen. It should be recalled that in the previous generation platform used was Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. According to the images we’ve seen, it seems that this inclusion will change much equipment interface. Where they do that there will be difference in autonomy is reached, which will double or even triple that of the first generation. One of the most interesting applications incorporating Gear Galaxy 2 is its music player, allowing us to play the songs you have stored on the internal memory clock. Undoubtedly represents an important step to increase the uses independent clock.

Another key application of this watch is that it serves as a substitute for a personal trainer, and includes tools such as a pedometer to count the steps that you perform a pulse sensor to control our heartbeat and a series of exercise routines both when walking and running or even biking. In short, a great excuse getting in shape. Other apps you find are calculator, a tool to check the weather, the option to chat via ChatOn (the Samsung messaging app) or the ability to record voice memos with S Memo.

As for memory, we have 4 GB to store our personal files. The great utility of this storage capacity is the ability to store more than 500 songs that can then listen through the built-in music player. In terms of power, we find a significant leap with the inclusion of a dual-core 1 GHz RAM field remains the same as before with a figure of 512 MB.

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