The G Data offers several options to get a license for its program

G Data Internet Security is the solution of more balanced security G Data. A program that adds several advanced features to the basic platform G Data Antivirus. For example, we have a firewall that prevents unwanted intrusions. The mail gets an extra protection with a powerful spam filter that will minimize the risk to suffer an online scam. Or the parental filter, which allows us to protect smaller house inappropriate content on the network. In addition, this version includes new features like a specific module against programs that spy on typing or against programs that spy on the keyboard or threats that take advantage of gaps in the system. The G Data Internet Security can be found on the website of the German company for a starting price of 35 euros for a computer and a year. We will have full details on this solution in depth analysis.

We begin a review with new features that brought G Data to its generation of this year. One of the most exciting additions is a module that found anti-exploit. Specifically, it is a tool that scans its system and programs you have installed on its system. If you find a security breach that has not been solved, closes before any exploit can. These programs take advantage of computer security holes to sneak into the system and hide themselves. Then you are able to download other malicious programs without the victim’s knowledge. The problem is that this is a widespread tool and the hackers also traded on the black market.

Another feature coming this year is a specific tool to protect your computer from known keyloggers. These programs have the ability to spy operations we perform with the keyboard, and then send this information to cibercrminales. The problem is that you can change in the time to be contacted online banking, so that the cibercrminal do with its input. This tool completes the operation of G Data BankGuard, discussed in the following section.

Undoubtedly, two of the most important pillars of the past two years in the solutions of G Data are CloseGap and BankGuard. The first one is a hybrid system that combines a traditional protection through virus signatures with a number of proactive technologies that protect users against threats that have not yet been registered. These technologies always working in the background and blocks any suspicious behavior that could damage the system. Another key of G Data CloseGap is that it is a protection system that continuously evolves to improve their performance. The second pillar is that we need to talk BankGuard G Data. This is a module dedicated specifically to protect the team so dangerous banking Trojans. What makes BankGuard is to protect the integrity of the browser, the weak link that cybercriminals often exploit to attack users.

G Data Internet Security

The program G Data uses a dual engine antivirus detection rates to ensure a powerful detection. The German company has improved the use of resources of this program, one of the criticisms that have been outlined against these solutions. Still, in case we need to use many computer resources (such as at times of high demand and games) also have the option to disable one of the two engines and free up resources. On the other hand, one of the features we like is an option (enabled by default) that analyzes the system at rest. Thus, the program team defense power without affecting the performance.

Among the options available to analyze the system we can choose to do a complete analysis of all memory or certain. You can also check the contents of a removable device or directly search for rootkits denominated in the system files. One of the advanced features of G Data Internet Security is the firewall. This tool protects your computer from unwanted incursions. Users can determine the action level firewall, so that it is more demanding processes with more permissive or blocking. In principle, G Data has developed this firewall to be as less intrusive as possible with the normal use of the equipment, and only bother the case of strict necessity. For more advanced users, you can also determine safety by creating specific rules.

Moreover, the G Data Internet Security also features real time web protection, to avoid the various hazards that can be transmitted through the network. In fact, we have a specific filter anti-phishing. Such attacks involve showing the victim alleged actual page and urge you to download a malicious file or enter the card details to steal them. With the advent of World Brazil, it is a type of attack that are multiplying and playing with the excitement of the freaks. The program also checks the contents of the page for possible malicious files.

Another interesting tool that will count is for email protection. The program scans incoming mail for malicious files and blocks. In addition, this release also includes one anti-spam filter, which protects the user from junk mail that usually fills the tray and sometimes include links to sites run by cybercriminals. Finally, another feature that should be noted in this program is child protection. From this tab you can set a number of files that users can view and other pages that are prohibited to prevent viewing inappropriate content such as porn sites. In addition, it is also possible to monitor the Internet use time and computer for small not pass too many hours glued to the screen.


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