The footprint of Samsung at CES 2014

Samsung continues to lead in the electronics industry, particularly television-not only in terms of sales, but as the first company to offer a wide range of UHD models, to which has been added curved devices for a truly theatrical experience. The company also showed its concept of “flexible TV” which allows viewers to literally bend a flat screen with the touch of a button. With the introduction of these TVs, Samsung is changing the way the world watches television.

If 2013 was an exceptional year for the firm, explained its executives, with the release of three TV UHD-that fueled the demand for this new technology, and the launch of their first TV with curved design, now at CES 2014, Samsung raises the stop with a wide variety of UHD models that include the TV UHD flat larger market with 110 inches, six families of curved and – like Strawberry cake-the first and largest TV UHD curved world with 105 inches.


Samsung is combining innovative design with curved TV UHD TV technology. These televisions offer a breathtaking cinematic experience. The curved screen brings dynamism never before seen videos on flat screens, and a field of view results in a larger pan that makes the screen seem even bigger than it is, enveloping the viewer.

Samsung experts explain the curved design models creates a balanced view distance and uniform experience more true to real life with improved viewing angles and higher contrast in the different positions of the viewer display, so that everyone has guaranteed the best seat in the house. To maximize the benefits of the curved TV, Samsung developed an optimal curvature 4200R provides better image quality from a normal viewing distance of 3-4 meters.

The combination of the technology curve and UHD creates the ultimate viewing experience, bringing the realism of image and perception arroba viewers for the spectacular color, clarity and detail. To this the Samsung Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyzes the areas of the images and automatically adjusts the contrast for a greater sense of depth in their new property is added curved models, and gives a 3D effect without the glasses.

Also the color improves with the Samsung PurColor technology in the curved UHD TV 9 Series, which reproduces the color so cinematic, expressing more detailed nuances. The number of points of color adjustment has increased by a factor of seven for more detail and expression thereof.

The curves imported the size also. 

The “world’s largest”-with a 105-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 21:9 and twice the contrast ratio of an improved hairdryer curved UHD TV. Since 4K content in Full HD, this device offers an impressive resolution of 11 million pixels. The combination of screen size and Depth Enhancer, Auto Samsung technology bring incredible depth to the image.

Samsung at CES 20141

SmartTV improved. 

And Samsung TVs are getting smarter, with a new Multi-Link feature that brings context to the big screen multitasking and a redesigned Smart Hub. The 2014 Samsung Smart Hub includes a panel of games, allowing users to enjoy on the big screen titles from Electronic Arts (EA) and Gameloft. Smart TV performance is further enhanced with the QuadCore Plus, the enhanced quad-core Samsung processor that operates at twice the speed than its predecessor.

Through its partnership with content providers such as Amazon, Comcast, DIRECTV, M-GO and Netflix, Samsung will offer customers greater UHD content. According to the manufacturer, the new 2014 Smart TVs, finding content is easier than ever. Users can change the channel in one step and verbally. They can even open a website or application using shortcuts. The voice search function is also more comfortable to use, allowing users to find all content results in one place.

Also, when a consumer uses the voice interaction to find real information like weather, sports markets or while watching TV, a popup appears at the bottom of the page with search results. Consumers can go to the application and see the details by clicking on the popup.

Along with voice interaction, motion control has been updated with the addition of the characteristic ‘finger gestures’ Smart TV in 2014, a significant improvement in control. With the recognition of the ‘finger movements’, users can change the TV channel, adjust volume, search and select what you want to see. They can also return to the previous screen and stop the video moving his fingers against clockwise-a more intuitive way to control the TV.

The Samsung TV at CES 2014

  • UNHU9000 Series: Curved, 4K. High range. In addition to the spectacular 105-inch model, Samsung TVs included in this family of 78, 65 and 55 inches. Availability: april
  • UNHU8500 Series: Plano, 4K. Wide range of screen sizes and the most features-such as local dimming. Measurements: 75, 65, 60, 55, 50 inches. Availability: April
  • UNH8000 Series: Curvy, 1080. The same real local attenuation which is in the 4K models. Measurements: 78, 65 and 55 inches. Availability: April.
  • UNH7150 Series: Plano, 1080. More economical, with split screen. Measurements: 75, 65, 60, 55 and 46 inches. Availability: April.
  • UNH6400 Series: Plano, 1080. Less expensive with the new Smart Remote, Placed in the middle range of the company. Measurements: 65, 60, 55, 50 and 48 inches. Availability: Mar

UNH6350 Series: Plano, 1080. Cheaper with Smart TV. All previous TVs have also Smart TV extras and minor. Available in more sizes and more affordable with the rest value. Measurements: 75, 65, 60, 55, 50, 48, 40 and 32 inches Availability: March. 

The new Galaxy tablets and NotePro TabPro

Among the products unveiled at CES Samsung is also the TabPro Galaxy line of tablets, which together with the new NotePro take a step forward leaving behind the traditional Android interface for graphics and more immediate answers.

Both tables feature a 12.2-inch WQXGA display with crystal clear resolution and offer more than 4 million pixels to a rich experience both in content and productive. The line Samsung Galaxy NotePro and TabPRO are also completed with the Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 inch, 8.4-inch. All work with Android 4.4, the latest version of the operating system.

Both tablets have a viewing area that is 48 percent larger than the customary 10-inch tablets, allowing users to enjoy a stunning video playback and more, as well as a new, more intuitive design UX, which improves all types of content imaginable consumption.

With advanced productivity features such as Multi window that allows users to see on your screen up to four windows at once, the Remote PC, interactive e-meetings and videoconferencing. Both also come with a selection of high quality applications preloaded or can be downloaded for free, content and services to deliver a gift package of content to the user.


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