How to follow the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi from Mobile

The Olympic Flame is already in Sochi (Russia), where they have begun to compete for the Winter Olympic Games. It is an event with all kinds of sports for lovers of ice, snow, speed and virtuosity, and that you can not only know via television or the Internet. And it is that there is a good collection of applications so you will not miss a single competition or result through the smartphone or the tablet. Even with the possibility to follow the proceedings live from anywhere.

Sochi 2014 Guide

This is the official implementation of these Olympic Games, designed to exercise guide so you will never miss a competition and no detail of this event. Simply you can choose the language, the favorite country and time zone to begin to know all the information. As well, in its main screen it acts as a diary with knowing almost minute to minute every competition that is taking place, and may recognize thanks to the icons the sport it is. Selecting any of these are some other details such as time, location where takes place, and several other tabs with related news and photos of the event.

But this application is more than a diary or a calendar of competitions. Through its drop-down menu on the left side it is possible to move through other sections, such as places, which gives information on the giant to the pair that problematic Olympic Village, offering data on all their buildings and facilities, as well as routes to reach them. And it is such kind of tool that serves especially also for those who have decided to come to Russia to enjoy in the person of these Olympic Games, with other options such as hotels, shops, buy movie tickets and a long etcetera.

It is an application with the only downside of not having their translation into Spanish. It is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone free through Google Play, the App Store and Windows Phone Store.

Sochi 2014 Results

In this case, and also for an official tool, it focuses on the results and final medal table of the various competitions which are held in these games. After installing it and wait patiently for that your data is updated, the application allows you to configure a series of notifications to be aware of everything that happens to the wonderful delegation, in particular some athlete or if you get a medal. After that the main screen shows a calendar with all current appointments, can know the results of those who have already concluded. Although, it will want to know the minute it is possible now click on the tab for the competitions are fighting at that moment.

Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

In addition, it has a menu filled with information from where you can access the final medal table for the current classification; know the tab of any of the athletes or being able to know all the details of a sport marked as a favorite. All while enjoying notifications and updated information. That if, as in the previous case is missing the proper descriptin of their menus and options, as well as in the contents. After that the main screen shows a calendar with all current appointments, can know the results of those who have already concluded.

Also it can be downloaded for free through Google Play, the App Store and Windows Phone Store.

OLYMPIC GAMES live – Sochi 2014

In this case it is an application created by RTVE. The best alternative is available in facts for all the information of these Winter Olympics. This is the best option to be aware of all thanks to their live signals with the channel Teledeporte. In this way is not only possible to know results and details of the competitions, but being able to see live many of them thanks to their different signals that are just on the cover of the application. From here you can also view videos as the opening ceremony or related information. And it is not only that. From the menu of the application is also possible to know the final medal table, access to news, sees the results and see photo galleries. All of this is in details and updated at the time. It is an application available in Google Play and App Store free.

Sochi 2014 WOW

In this case is a variant of the official application launched by the own Samsung, the sponsor of these games. It is possible to find all the information discussed in the formal implementation. The data about the Olympic Village, the athletes, and the competitions… every type notifications can be set for the athletes and delegations favorite. The problem is that this is limited to the Android platform. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


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