Five ways to free up space on your mobile

Normally go on vacation to the beach or the countryside with the smartphone, and use it as much as music player and camera or video recorder. They are stored in it so many multimedia files which, given its weight, it is possible that the phone notifies the user that has full memory and cannot store more songs, images or videos. But how this problem is solved when you want to continue recording on the phone memories of the places through which it passes and moments to be enjoyed with loved ones? This article aims to offer some strategies to gain memory on the phone without having to miss important features.

1. Getting rid of useless applications

Do we really need all applications that store? How many times have used some of them? It is normal to get off some programs to try or because other friends have them, but many of them lose value over time or cease to interest us. It is common to have a lot of apps, as well as slowing the management screen battery stolen updates in the background and take up space in memory.

Some applications are fundamental and will not give them because we use them on a daily basis, but others, a long line of them, no we remembered that we had. Among these, many take a few “mega” and some more, but, added together, can fill up to a gigabyte of extra space.

The best way to delete them is to go to mobile settings. In Android you have to access “your smartphone settings”> “Applications”> “Manage Applications” and go eliminating not want. On the iPhone go to “Settings”> “General”> “Use”> “Space busy”.

Also, since the screen can be erased, and can be more comfortable, but did not let you know what occupies each. On Android you need to press and drag to trash. And in iPhone, a few seconds after pressing one, all shaken and show a cross to press in case you want to remove.

2. Using Flickr, Instagram and the like

It is inevitable that the photographs are stored in the memory go mobile, and if we’re very proactive, it may be much bilge space in each image. However, there are several interesting remedies that go through to save copies of snapshots on online platforms and, once uploaded, cleared from memory to store other.

If not so interested in the quality of the file as the aesthetic effects and share photos with friends, Instagram is a good system. Also, do not load the data rate because it compresses and reduces the weight of the images saved. With them you can always be accessed from the website of the service and even share them on Facebook, where they will be stored as pictures themselves.


Good to know that if a snapshot is uploaded to Instagram, the service makes an additional copy (edited by us) stored in our cell next to the original, which we will loading memory. So you should clear both to free up space. Something similar happens with the images and videos that are exchanged for WhatsApp : are stored and must be discarded manually.

If you want to have higher quality copies, you can always use the mobile version of Flickr, allowing instant upload and create new albums on the service page with ease. Now, if you opt for Flickr, it is best to seek a wifi network where upload images, because otherwise you can punish the data rate.

3. Use the YouTube application

While it’s not the platform that delivers higher quality file, YouTube is an ideal service for saving videos, not only for its popularity, but also how easy it is to use your mobile application.

The videos are the heavy files, and refer them to web services to delete and then reclaim the space occupied is always a good idea. Simply record the video and then select it from the app to upload to the server. Once you finish loading, it will be available from the website and it will be deleted from the phone. For these operations, the use of wireless networks is recommended.

4. Limit the songs that you have downloaded

If services are used to stream music from your mobile as Spotify in paid version or iTunes Match, it is normal playlists are downloaded hundreds or thousands of songs to listen to when you have no wifi connection, so that not consume the data rate.

Typically in these cases, and especially abroad to avoid roaming is possible to download the songs, so we do not run short. However, they are filled with significant memory. So it is better to be practical and choose the lists that are used most frequently. And if you are near a wifi network temporarily, you can use to share downloaded lists.

5 Avoid using applications that work in disconnection

When you are traveling and away from data networks, can be a good idea to use news readers’ work on disconnection, applications and texts to translate signs or disconnected versions of the maps. All of them are very useful and allow access to functions that would otherwise be vetoed. But the problem is that these modes carry memory space then you might need.

Eventually, you need not do without these systems, but go to the settings and configuration of the phone and access management applications, where you can turn the mode off or delete the stored data. Then, in a wireless network can reload them if needed.


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