Five social networks that you may have interest

Against the general social networks like Twitter and Facebook, have always been other specialized, more limited success, which have focused on the interests and needs of users, whether sports, business, finding a new job, of friends for different activities or intimate relationships. Some, such as LinkedIn, have achieved remarkable popularity, and others have remained in gated communities or have disappeared. Now, new services emerge mixing the interest of users with a certain vocation to sell commercial products. This article wants to show five networks niche that may be of interest to different types of user.

The niche networks existed before the general, though at first were rather focused on specialized forums where knowledge of the subjects of shared interest communities. From GeoCities, and missing, the Yahoo! Group, these pioneering networks trying to bring together users with common interests. Then specific networks arose based on racial affinities, establishing intimate relationships or job search, a field in which LinkedIn has triumphed over any other such network.

Today niche networks have in most cases a major movable component, to the extent that some of them function as mere smartphone applications. Among these, the most famous is Instagram. But it is not only because they have appeared new proposals related to sports that use the GPS and the phone’s sensors to plot routes and measure performance. Others though remain focused on the computer, have applications for mobile and tablets.

1. Jelly, moving questions

Jelly is a social network as a mobile app developed by Biz Stone, one of the founders of Twitter. In this community service for questions and answers users can launch their issues to the other members of the community respond, whether or not supporters of the user. The questions can be displayed alone or Jelly also shares on Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, any member can browse Jelly looking for questions to answer, and answer them. Its response, which can be a successful but also witty comment, will be valued by others, so that the net gain in relevance. As a temporary disadvantage, most of the questions are in English, but admits questions in any language.

The operation is very similar to the Yahoo! Answers but based on the smartphone, so it is presented as a hobby to fill the dead times of the day, which may have been the key to its success. It has applications for both iPhone and Android phones.

2. Diana, hit the restaurant

Diana is a new Spanish restaurant app to search on the basis of our geolocation and inclinations. It has a social structure similar to Instagram, with people who follow and follow us. However, for the other functions, is an effective locator catering establishments where the valuation of the home provides the user community. Thus, every restaurant that Diana shows us in terms of our position, sensed by the phone’s GPS, has been rated, pictures and comments left by network members who tried it.

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Diana can narrow the search parameters, giving more or less within the GPS to show only local or nearby also more distant. It also leaves narrow by cities, prices or type of restaurant, so you can do searches without using the GPS, for example, to make a reservation. Currently, Diana only has application for iPhone, but its creators say mid-April to launch other Android phones.

3. SrPerro, canine community

SrPerro is a social network based on the computer for dogs and their owners. Both can join the community and gain access to the entire cast of tips and services SrPerro. Members enjoy a finder service, organized by the cities where the application is present, and numerous recommendations of shops, bars, restaurants, museums, etc.., where we can accompanied by our friend. Users, meanwhile, can rate and review the recommendations, so that other members of the network have a second opinion.

Furthermore, SrPerro has a crafts store for dogs and offers reviews on its blog and interesting information for owners and their animals. Also edit some useful guides on paper to know where to take your pet with no problems. At the moment, there is another version of Madrid and Barcelona.

4. StyledOn, womenswear

StyledOn figure as a social network for women’s fashion, but does not make it just for women because it accepts male partners and even has a section of menswear. Its structure, in addition to defining who follow and we follow us, is based on showing pictures do about fashion in the manner of options, especially photographers, models or trendsetters and the service gives greater relevance.

In StiledOn can find fashion photographers who exhibit their work, but also normal users with great aesthetic taste that share the images you find on the Web Moreover, within some of them are accessible for direct sale of garments bearing the model.

5. Creciclando, make clothes for children as they grow

Creciclando is a Spanish network that follows the classic structure of social networks, but in order to allow the exchange of children’s apparel online, it is normal that this will soon outgrow in the case of babies, so which may have new uses. The idea is to encourage recycling of garments based network up to the images of the clothes that they want to share. In return, earn points with which to purchase other clothing sizes. If you do not have enough points, you can pay for the shared garment.

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