Five questions to assess if you want to change operator

We can always find reasons to spend a telecommunications company to another, especially in the booming field of mobile telephony. Either because they want to save on the bill at month end, have a better rate of mobile broadband access technologies connection or just take the offer of a terminal subsidized or funded better than we have. While it is rare for one of these reasons are sufficient to induce us to change, we must all be taken into account when choosing the most appropriate to our needs operator. We summarize five.

1. Choosing the best rate

Despite the great competition between companies, mobile rates have been in recent years among the most expensive of the European Union, although the crisis and the rise of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) the rates were standardized to the lowest among the major carriers. Overall, there is a distinct band with very competitive amounts of OMV and other somewhat higher for companies with their own infrastructure (Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo).

We should not let ourselves be blinded by only mobile deals at favorable rates or additional services that suddenly; we feel that we need life. The first thing to do is look at the rate that is offered to us, or study contract, is unrivaled in the market. At a minimum, we must ensure that no other somewhat lower. Many times we rushed without seeing what they give us other operators, which can save a few hundred dollars a year.

To assess a fee, however, we have not only consider the monetary cost us each month end may appear on the invoice. Also have to weigh other factors, such as the maximum megabytes of data network that lets us download each month before reducing us access speed-if smartphone-or if you have unlimited free if charge SMS or if also provides access to the 4G connectivity, if we are interested in LTE.

2. Ensure maximum coverage

In large cities (Barcelona and Madrid) and developed urban areas (Bilbao, Valencia and Sevilla) this point may seem like a pipe dream, but for the rest of citizens who do not live in these areas the problem of coverage can be torture, especially whether these regions also have a rugged and mountainous terrain.

The problem of coverage can be torture especially in areas with rugged terrain. In rural areas and in many provincial towns coverage varies significantly depending on the carrier you choose, because there is a company that develops the zonal infrastructure and offers the best service, while by law to provide a minimum coverage to their competitors and their customers. If they do not have infrastructure in the region, their customers will be disadvantaged and even, in places, without telephone access.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that we choose the operator will give us good coverage in our area. To do this, we can go to internet forums or compare the various digital magazines. Few things are more unpleasant to sign a term contract, pay the bill each month and not be aware that a good service is received.

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3. Contracts remain

While mobile subsidy is a practice in decline and therefore less permanent contracts are fixed for this reason, operators try to fix all the Medes to their customers and prevent them from leaving the competition. This sometimes offer very favorable rates and services in exchange for the user to commit for a year or more follow with the company.

The problem occurs when the user wants to leave the service before the expiry of the stay; you may be required to pay the difference between the normal contract and it did during the months that has enjoyed the exclusive rate. These details are often in the small print of contracts, so you should read them from top to bottom. It is also important to make sure that the advantages we have no expiry date, and one month to the other, when the plan ends, we can find a higher rate than contracted.

4. The offer of a new mobile

Subsidized phones are a legend, or almost, but operators are tempting promises to provide us with access to a mobile again if we pass to their contracts. Most of the times are phones, financed by a lender who has agreements with the operator.

Regardless of the funding we do not link the operator and can release the phone and when we want to switch companies, assess these types of offers. They can give us access to best phones that we have, but perhaps the rate offered is not as advantageous as we would if we hire a mobile free. It is best to add the price of mobile funded, once paid the time-cost total fare during the funding period, and compared with the value of the mobile store bought plus the sum of one year from the most advantageous rate operator.

5. The Multisim services

Until now the realization that we had a contract with a phone company SIM card was given to us and it would inserted into the phone. However, today, from tablets to e-readers can hold a SIM card that gives them connectivity 3G or 4G, so it does not seem logical to have to take out the mobile and put it in tablet or eReader whenever multipin want access to the data network.

Therefore, the main operators with their own infrastructure and offer a service that has dubbed “Multisim”, to provide a consistent set of duplicates of the card to the different media used by the user, so that a single contract will serve to use different devices. This service is not widespread among the OMV.

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