Five arguments to convince your mother to install Linux

In recent years, the GNU / Linux has become an accessible operating system for all users, who have tried their virtues: stability, security, customizability… and safely: most of the distributions are can prove no facilities.

No. 1 Best user community

Okay, you have your favorite distro installed on the computer of your mother, and now it is there, watching and waiting brazenly do know everything and know how to do well. Despite what it may seem, the computer is not an exact science and will soon need to do more than write emails, surf the web or watch old episodes of “Turolenses the world.” And that’s where the community comes. When your mother will stop any mishap, simply type into Google your problem and the name of your distro, add quotes and get results of other users who have already resolved the problem.

The good vibes in the community of Linux users have to do with the great burden of altruism associated with their identity, and is a very pleasant surprise for any newcomer to GNU / Linux. Your mother will feel welcomed and not have to call you on Sundays at 11 pm to ask you to go home urgently to solve you the ballot.

# 2 More secure and stable than others

Maybe your mother does not understand the true extent of the rail equipment safety with GNU / Linux, but enjoys its benefits. After all, not only is less windows pop up error or on rare occasions need to restart your computer because you are inoperative, but the permit system for access to any Linux distribution installed by default allow your mother touch the fairness of the system and, therefore, dismiss the risk of deleting important information or files. Not to mention the virtual absence of the happy virus…

So you can finally tell your mother what she – and millions like her – always wanted to hear: Luci, you can play wherever you want. Do not worry, you can not break anything, you enjoy. And that is worth its weight in gold. The weight of usability is not the weight of your mother.


# 3 There is everything here, and all good

Do not overdo when you say to your mother-in-law for its brand new Linux, there are all kinds of software. Whatever your hobby, your habits, your preferences and needs… will be a program for it. And there is not only that, but almost certainly, a user will be translated into Castilian software (or Catalan, Galician, Basque…) so completely altruistic.

If your mother has told you a smarty anyone – your brother-safe – that Linux is difficult to install software because it begins to ask thousands of files and additional libraries to be installed separately, check it destroys the argument presenting one of the managers packages that are already integrated and is so much closer to the end user programs, perfectly filtered, ranked and even reviews from other users. You can spend hours there stirring the dead like a software store sale!

# 4 Always have a distro for you

For programmers, for gamers, for musicians, for architects, for… do not care what your mother with your computer, there will always be a distribution (i.e., a version of Linux that changes the software included desktop and other components) that will fit her like a glove and provide programs and visual appearance she wanted.

When recycling the oldest computers in the house, Linux is also unbeatable, with light and fast distributions they know the best out of a processor that already had been sentenced to die. It is the occasion to mark you somewhat with your mother and give her an old computer to make your first steps with computers and the Internet. To choose the most suitable distribution is a particularly interesting place also ideal for keeping abreast of updates, new distros, versions, etc..

You can also get an idea of the variety of job reading our article 5 Linux distributions for 5 types of professionals. Hopefully other operating systems offered half chances when choosing a desk and a starting point, including software, to install and start enjoying.

# 5 Free and free (or not)

The last reason for your mother – she really grasped – Complete decide that you put a Linux computer in your life will love: it’s free. The vast majority of the software you will find for GNU / Linux, including the operating system itself is free. And, in a high percentage, it is also open source. Not that your mother will start modifying code, compile and distribute their own applications – but you never know what is taught in the courses of the Day Care Centers – but as an ethical approach is very attractive for many users.

But if that does not care to your mother (as suspected) make it clear that there are “proprietary” and commercial software. Return to mention the pocket and let it clear to your mother that the fact that Linux and free software is almost always not imply that the rate of updates, new features and improvements that are received is less. On the contrary, the developer community is extremely active and productive, so keep up is fast, easy… and free, as we have said.


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