Fire Phone, the extraordinary smartphone of Amazon

Fire Phone is the name, of course, that Amazon has put its first smartphone. Finally, rumors many months – years – have materialized in a smartphone whose value is to be found, as in the case of Kindle Fire tablets in a well thought out if you are within the Amazon ecosystem universe. For now, the Amazon Fire Phone, which will have a free price $ 649, does not compete on price with the big players in the market.

Fire Phone, technical specifications

Without emerge in specifications, Amazon Fire Phone is a smartphone that can compete in performance with the current mid-high range. Its finish is plastic, with rubber accents on the frame to increase the feeling of resistance and aluminum buttons. Certainly includes physical one for the camera.

This Fire Phone has a thickness of 8.9 mm and weighing 160 grams, so not going to stand for less weight or thickness again if we compare the best smartphones in the market. The IPS display is a 720p resolution and diagonal of 4.7 inches. While it is not a particularly interesting decision, it must look at the brightness of 590 nits ready to improve screen visibility outdoors. The same protection is provided by Gorilla Glass 3.

In terms of performance, this Fire Phone will feature a quad – core processor 2.2 GHz, 800 Snapdragon, Adreno 330 for the graphics, and 2GB of RAM. The internal memory will have two options: 32 or 64 GB. As for the battery, its capacity is 2400 mAh and connectivity is well served with NFC, Wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac but only BT 3.0 LTE. The camera, another essential element in the current smartphone, promises much. The sensor has a resolution of 13 megapixels, with light f / 2.0 in the five-element lens and integrated optical stabilization. Video recording is 1080p at 30 fps, while the front camera offers a resolution of 2.1 megapixels.

One aspect that Amazon has especially careful on your smartphone is the sound. Taking music store is completely logical. It comes with stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Digital Plus technology and headphones flat cable and Magnetic type bring together forever.

Firefly, a button purchase for us

Loaded Amazon services, including the help button Mayday, the most striking for its integration with the smartphone camera is FireFly. This technology is able to recognize objects and music that sounds or video images. Up to 100 million products, tangible and intangible, has in its database.

This service jump with your own button, which is the same as the active camera channel by FireFly we teach what we want to recognize us. Once done, we can buy it on Amazon store or reproduce this content or music from the various services associated with or integrated into the smartphone.

For the FireFly technology does not stay in something from home, Amazon offers everything from the SDK today for anyone who wants to give the opportunity to use this search engine so powerful and easy shopping from your smartphone.

Ecosystem around Amazon services

Why Amazon enters the world of smartphone? Well to secure fidelity to their ecosystem. Consume content; buy books and why not also physical objects in their online store are easier with your Fire Phone. An example of what we say is found in the offering unlimited storage on their servers for all the photos you do with your phone. No need for hiring space or depend on other services. If we’re on Amazon, we have it in Amazon.

The operating system of the Fire Phone is Fire OS 3.5.0, which you’ll meet Kindle Fire HD we have already tested on Engadget. This means that the interface is completely customization and nothing obscures the Android version worn underneath. Compatible applications will be coming to their own store.

The mysteriously 3D

Many of the expectations around this Fire Phone were the interface. There was talk of a 3D mode and multiple cameras and sensors have finally been reduced to a feature called Dynamic Perspective by Amazon.

In general, we are talking about the possibility of having a sense of three-dimensional on the screen without this being 3D. THE effect is achieved by changing the perspective of objects depending on from where you look at the screen. And know how to get from where we look? As with the now famous four cameras in the corners, with very low consumption (to be seen in reality) and that work even in the dark.


Amazon has made several shows where buildings have stood within three-dimensional maps, but it seems more promising control menus or tilting the terminal shifts and changing your perspective on our face.

Amazon Fire Phone, price and availability

The Amazon Fire will be released in USA Phone associated with a two-year contract with AT & T starting at $ 199 for the 32GB model and $ 299 for 32 GB. Libre, the most affordable will cost $ 649, too high for what the role offers. Amazon’s phone, as with electronic readers or tablets books, have a series of official accessories, starting with the protective covers that also give a touch of color.


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