All the features of the update to Android 4.4 for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The update to Android 4.4 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy S4 is not yet available through official channels. In fact, all those users who want to pre-empt the anticipated event of the update will have to wait a few weeks, because neither Samsung nor responsible operators have yet announced. There is, however, the ability to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S4 KitKat Android 4.4 running a packet data via unofficial Cyanogen Mod a firmware based on Android that allows devices installed in all those characteristics that are not in the official version. All these modifications of OS can be carried out, but with caution, since any failure could disable the device forever. In fact, no manufacturer covers damage caused by this type of intervention on the phones. 

Users who nevertheless have decided to integrate this update on their computers will have the opportunity to test the new features of Android 4.4 on your Samsung Galaxy S4, but the fact is that some of these updates always have a number of shortcomings and failures. If you are someone who have decided to wait, and then I tell you what you’ll find in this major upgrade to the current flagship of Samsung. Here’s a review of its main features:

1) Improvement in performance. Already know that one of the goals of Android is to eliminate fragmentation. For this reason, the latest edition of this platform is optimized to run even the most basic devices: those that only have 512 MB ​​of RAM. But this is not the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4. What has made ​​the team Android for teams like the present one is to give agility plus all team processes, reducing memory consumption and introducing new APIs. These advantages have to add the fact that developers have at their disposal tools capable of consuming much less memory and therefore battery.

2) New system for managing printers. From now you can print your documents more easily work through the Samsung Galaxy S4. The new version of Android 4.4 brings with it a management system print jobs.

3) Storage in the cloud improved. If you are someone who often use storage services in the cloud like Google Drive, Box or other (in fact, Samsung offers customers the Samsung Galaxy S4 up to 50 GB of storage in the cloud with Dropbox for two years) also are of luck. And it is that the upgrade to Android 4.4 your device will be much more integrated with cloud storage. This is so you can access all your folders and files from the terminal itself, as if you were browsing through the files you have stored on the internal or external phone memory.


4) Google Now more accessible. You may use Google Now with some regularity. If so, you’ll see that from now it is much easier to use its functions. And the service Google Now has been integrated into the main screen and is fully active, ready for your commands through voice commands.

5) New lock screen. Now you can configure multiple lock screens, but from now on your Samsung Galaxy S4 also uses the covers of your albums, songs, or favorite movies while you are playing.

6) Integration of messaging. It is one of the most appreciated features of the new edition of Android and also will see the Samsung Galaxy S4. From now on, all our communications (both by SMS, video or messaging Hangout) will be stored in the same conversation for you to have unified access to all interactions with your contacts access.

7) New emojis for Android keyboard. The emojis or ideograms that can already be found on the keyboard of Android will from now everywhere. Thus, you can use them without limits and in any application.

8) Call ID more useful. There is nothing more uncomfortable than receiving a call from a number you do not know and if we have to look at the missed call from someone we know or not. From now on, your Samsung Galaxy S4 will be able to track your schedule and coincidences that may exist in a list of sites / companies provided by Google Maps.

9) Full Screen for all applications. Three is nothing more comfortable to do your apps in full screen. Until now it was only possible for some apps, but with the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat it is feasible for all. They will be off screen elements such as the navigation bar. More space and comfort on five inches wide.

10) Changes in the user interface. White and translucent interface icons that will display more applications and content. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will have more operational areas, with space for information, but also to the status bar, the browser and notifications.

11) New Bluetooth profiles. As the other teams to update to Android 4.4 KitKat, the Samsung Galaxy S4 integrates new profiles Bluetooth (Bluetooth HID over GATT, Bluetooth and Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 MAP) capable peripherals messaging exchange with other devices and volume adjustments. Improvements were also incorporated into the system NFC (Near Field Communication) and support for infrared emitters compatible with remote controls and other devices that operate through this technology.

12) Support ScreenCast. It is compatible with applications that support allows us to videotape what happens in our device or what would catch moving.

13) Integration of subtitles. If you’re a regular at the subtitles are in luck. And is that Android 4.4 can integrate in the team’s configuration language subtitles, size or style you want. Thus, you may configure per application.

14) Security Enhancements. And dedicate this last point to improvements related to safety. Regardless of all the additions you want to own Samsung, can indicate that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature several important technical improvements that will prevent attacks and make more difficult the intervention of any malicious hacker.


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