Your favorite notebook Mountain Light 144G

Until recently, the Spanish Company Mountain, characterized by launch team, is very powerful and robust. However, in recent months the company has also developed several oriented portable use by mobile professionals, with the lighter and transportable format. This trend is significantly collecting the Mountain Light 144G, a team of 14 inches surprised us by design, but it also keeps a good power with the latest Intel Core fourth generation and a memory RAM of 8 GB. The Light is available in the official shop of Mountain for a starting price of 1,310 euros.

Definitely one of the highlights of the Mountain Light 144G is found in its design. The Spanish company has lost this team up to 1.9 kilos, a figure more than competitive for a professional model of 14 inches. This adds up to a thickness of just one inch to create a team of very easy handling and transport on our travels and journeys. The differential design touch is found in the placement of your screen. And that is inserted in the middle hinge (as seen in the photos) a couple of inches in front of the rim, which is what allows us to raise and lower the screen.

Although initially this design creates a certain sense of fragility in the area of the screen, is a task which you will find very interesting. The area nearest the edge is has a grid that helps cool the laptop work. This is a huge competitive advantage and comfort level of use, as they are not very hot the processor does not have to make a greater expenditure of energy to operate. You would also like the noise level of the laptop running, barely audible. Moreover, the chassis of Mountain offers good levels of resistance to bumps and drops, and keeps the same premise of robustness than other laptops of the company, despite the sense of fragility that gives the screen.

Mountain Light 144G

As mentioned earlier, the Mountain Light 144G looks a panel of 14 inch with resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This screen has matte appearance that avoids reflections when receiving sunlight, and provides a level of average brightness. The only aspect of the design which should improve this laptop is the fact of not having a backlit keyboard, a feature that comes in handy when using the laptop in low light.

Despite its slim design, the Mountain Light 144G maintains good power due to a processor Intel Core i7 fourth generation. Specifically, the model -4750HQ Intel Core i7 has four cores and a power of 2 GHz per core. Thanks to technology, Turbo Boost, the power may rise to 3.2 GHz in the times when higher performance is required. Furthermore, this chip is attached to a memory RAM 8 GB base. The set comes complete with dedicated graphics Intel Iris 5200, the most powerful of the new processor generation American company. Although it is able to deliver a good performance, this is one of the points where else can you tell the difference with other professionals notebook brand, as it may fall short in the use of graphic design applications or games.

As for storage, the Light 144G offers a perfect blend of speed and storage capacity. On the one hand, the laptop incorporates a fast SSD memory Toshiba ultra-thin format with a size of 128 GB. This format allows us to reach very high speeds in booting the computer and access to the files. On the other, also a traditional hard drive speed of 7,200 revolutions per minute and a size of 750 GB that enables you to store more files and applications.

The Mountain Light 144G has a full set of connections. One of the aspects that you may like is the presence of a port Ethernet, one of the connections that manufacturers often sacrifice when they bring the finest portable market. What was left on this device is the presence of a DVD player, a specification that disappears whenever laptops. Within the Light also have WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 to pass information on to the compatible equipment, as well as three USB 3.0 ports with those who are achieved transfer rates ten times faster than USB 2.0. The connections are completed with a card reader six in one port, one HDMI and one mini DisplayPort to chain multiple displays at the same time.

A key supply of Mountain is its extensions. The company improves several key points of the team to adapt its configuration to use that will give the professional. In the case of Mountain Light 144G, the principal added that must be asked is the inclusion of the operating system Windows 8 (for 108 euros) or Windows 7 for a starting price of 120 euros. It also offers the option to increase the disk size to 256 GB SSD for 110 euros. The last of the improvements is to increase available memory RAM available up to 16 GB, for 100 euros.

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