1. How can i send my article to publish in moinur.ca ?

Ans: It’s very simple. You just email your article to moinur@apnardeal.com and then we will review your article. If your write up satisfy our editor then we will immediately¬†publish your article in our site.

2. What will be my topics to write article ?

Ans: We encourage you to write article on any thing that related to technology. You can write anything on the technology. It can be technology related latest news, any product review, any product comment, tips & tricks etc. We wish to become best technology blog site.

3. Can I copy any contents from other website  in my article?

Ans: We never publish any copied contents in our site. So we are highly encouraging you not to copy anything from other website. Our goal to provide unique contents to our reader.

4. Can i copy contents from moinur.ca ?

Ans: Yes, you can copy and it requires written permission from us. You can email us (moinur@apnardeal.com) and if we agree then you can copy contents from moinur.ca Other wise it will violet the terms and conditions of us.