The fantabulous designed Tablet – Lenovo Yoga Tablet

It is the latest tablet that proposes the Asian firm Lenovo. It was known to occupy first place in the world in sales of laptops, Lenovo now advocates this original concept convertible tablet with a slightly different design. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet is a proposal different, practical and with a design that stands out from the average.

It comes in two models with screens eight-ten inches, and is classified in the segment of mid-range. Such proposals are aimed at users looking for a simple tablet or that premiere in the world of personal screens. In this particular case is especially impact its versatility from the point of view of design. It also has a fairly complete technical profile and is shipped with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

As mentioned, the range Yoga from Lenovo comes in two models that differ mainly by the size of its screen. The producer is directed to the field of mini-tablets with a version of eight inches, more compact and manageable. Then there is also the 10.1 inch version, it focused users looking for a more powerful visual experience. In both cases it is an IPS screen technology capacitive multitouch, visible from an angle of 178 º and 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution. This setting makes the density of the most compact model is of 188 dpi, while the large format down to 149 dpi.

The design is the most striking and interesting section of these tablets. True to its name, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet taken up to three positions, like we were in a yoga class, to better adapt to different situations. Striking the cylinder located at the side of the terminal, which also houses the battery serves as a subject when we have it in hand. On the back has a removable piece that acts as a support, either to have it leaning on a table to write on the screen or in frames so that it is vertical.

This position allows you to watch movies comfortably, but can also use the keyboard accessory-cover to create a sort of makeshift laptop. Both models have a silver finish and combine plastic with a structure of aluminum reinforcing assembly. They are thin; they are 3 mm thick, and weigh 401 and 605 grams respectively.

Lenovo did not want to leave users without the possibility of capturing casual snapshots with Yoga tablet and it’s equipped with a five megapixel camera located on the back, just above the cylinder. This unit has autofocus but, as with most tablets, takes no LED flash. ‘s camera on a tablet is a detail that is used occasionally, so it is not unusual to see too complex units in these devices. You can also record videos and geo-locate pictures to find out where the captured. In front of another camera integrates, in this case 1.6 megapixels, for conducting video calls, a more logical and normal function on a tablet.

Lenovo Yoga tablet

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet are prepared to play most common multimedia formats files and will not give problems downloading a photo, copy a song or play a video. Lenovo has insisted paragraph sound by placing two speakers in the front, user-oriented technology and Dolby Digital Plus. Finally include the incorporation of the noise reduction system in microphone.

The two available models are equipped u n Mediatek processor, a common brand in other Chinese smartphones and tablets, four cores running at 1.2 gigahertz frequency. You cannot expect a performance furious as happens in the last Qualcomm Chipset or Samsung, but it is a suitable piece for a tablet midrange unpretentious. It also has a GB of RAM, which again is nothing of the other world but complies with the expectations for this model.

Lenovo has equipped its two tablets with a background of 16 GB to store all kinds of files, a figure that may be somewhat short when you consider that the system also takes up space. To avoid problems you can expand the total to 64 GB additional memory card if you use MicroSD.

As we said at the beginning, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet comes standard with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. ‘s not the latest version but the company has already confirmed that Android 4.4 will be updated to KitKat. Both models come prepared so that we can use all the Google services from the first minute, such as navigation suite Google Maps, synchronize your email with Gmail, save documents in Google Drive, chat via Google Talk (Hangouts) or watch videos on YouTube give some examples. The app store Google Play houses many more applications, and is estimated to have reached one million files.

Lenovo offers its own visual layer on their tablets and the truth is it is a bit overdone. As the slogan says “less is more”, sometimes it is best to opt for a lighter and not decorate too personalization system. In this case we find an Android tablet whose design mimics the look and feel of iOS, a rather strange mix.

Tablets Lenovo Yoga are also prepared with the necessary connections to perform common tasks you can ask a tablet. There is the option to insert a SIM card in order to access 3G mobile network and have Internet from anywhere, an interesting option for users who use their tablets primarily away. Of course I could not miss the free WiFi and antenna GPS port and Bluetooth for sharing files or synchronize accessories like keyboard-cover.

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