Be familiar with the special features of Lenovo Vibe Z

Getting round prior releases aa fair CES and Lenovo has been one of the manufacturers to join the party. Among its new product range we find a high-end smartphone with components as pointers. The Lenovo Vibe Z aimed directly at the segment heavyweights Android with pieces like its huge FullHD screen or processor Snapdragon 800. Design Slim is one of its strengths, with a thickness of less than 8 mm. The Lenovo Vibe Z is ready to connect to networks LTE high-speed, has a battery also equips an extensive and comprehensive camera.

Lenovo bets on the big screens with Vibe Z, which boasts an IPS panel with a diagonal of no less than 5.5 inches. The company says it offers a wide viewing angle and comes with the named system 20/20 Vision Display regards precision in reproducing images, mimicking the same as the human eye. How could it be otherwise a high-end smartphone, we have a screen resolution FullHD 1080p. The result of cross size and resolution results in a density of 400 pixels per inch.

As mentioned, the Lenovo Vibe Z has a very sleek and slim design. Its chassis is made of aluminum and the back cover has a ribbed texture to improve grip. The terminal has a rather angular shape and although the curves of its edges will make the grip more comfortable, its straight profile is not the best to fit the hand. Available colors are silver or titanium, which is a little darker.

We have already advanced to the Lenovo Vibe Z has a very competent camera. Its sensor has 13 megapixel resolutions and is crowned by a bright lens with aperture f/1.8. This piece will allow more light, so they will be fewer occasions when we need to dip into the LED flash, which of course is included in this model and also carries two diodes. It also has basic functions (autofocus, geo-tagging and face detector), but Lenovo also brings its applications and Super Super Camera Gallery.

For the first it is a special application of shot that has a comfortable interface, including effects, option to create animated GIF pictures and a comprehensive settings menu. Super Gallery is, as its name suggests, the native gallery images of Lenovo products, highlighted by q editing options, color effects or lens between other EU offers. Of course the Lenovo Vibe Z record video in full HD quality that can be played directly on your screen without losing sharpness. It also highlights the incorporation of the front camera with 5 megapixel sensor and angle of 84 ยบ.

Lenovo Vibe Z

The Lenovo Vibe Z can with most multimedia formats most used, so there will be no problems when watching a video, listening to a song or open a picture that sent us. Lenovo has also included an additional microphone that enhances sound during a call by eliminating noise from the environment.

Lenovo has put all eggs in one basket in the section of the power, matching the configuration of the most advanced smartphones of the moment. The engine that drives all of its features is the well-known Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip quad-core architecture with Krait offering fast performance. In this case, set a frequency of 2.2 gigahertz and 2 GB of RAM to support all processes and that everything is fluid. To top it off the chip Adreno 330 is responsible for moving all the graphics.

The Lenovo Vibe Z has a bottom storage 16 Gb, a reasonable figure but maybe a little bit high-end for its size. Also no expansion slot, so that users store more data should be monitored a little.

Lenovo has announced its new smartphone will come standard with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, a fairly current version, although it would be a strong candidate to upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat but have not said anything about it. Google mobile system offers a varied ecosystem of applications from Google Play Store and it is a very versatile from the standpoint of customization platform. Just turn on the device, the user can use the service package that includes brand apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Calendar or Google Drive.

Lenovo includes its own interface, simple and rounded icons, but also includes a set of gesture control for easy operation of certain functions. For example to slide down the notifications are displayed and if slip up we can see the Settings menu. It also features a voice control to operate the terminal when we can not use your hands, although this wizard Now Google is convenient.

The bet of Lenovo with this smartphone is determined and have not spared in equipping the new Vibe Z components with very advanced. It has a big, bright screen, high-resolution camera with special functions, recording videos FullHD ebony, a very powerful processor or compatibility with 4G networks. At the terminal does not lack anything and is sure to become the most prominent proposal manufacturer’s catalog.


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