Being a fairly unique feature, HTC One M8 seems that still it has not been exploited enough

The HTC One M8 is the new flagship of the Asian company. A team with a very careful design metal and screen 5-inch LCD with an excellent level of response and brightness. But the feature that catches the attention of this model is found in the rear chamber. And it is that this objective has two lenses, one for the normal picture and the second to take different data about the space. Thanks to this, we can add interesting effects to our photos as a 3D simulation approach or play with different parts of the picture. Without a doubt, all a there can give us many moments of entertainment, even though it is to see the public response to this function.

The design of HTC One M8 keeps the same lines as the terminals have become popular star of this brand, but it has enhanced the use of metal throughout the design against plastic. At first glance we already realize that this is a phone that has its own style, very recognizable mainly by the inclusion of two front speakers on the top and bottom of the frame molding equipment design. The use of a single body of metal generates a feeling strong and unified team, but the inability to access the battery can become a handicap when performing functions such as restarting the phone in the event that hanging up.

Use of this aspect brushed metal material gives it a premium look to the team, but we have to recognize that the case has been shown quite slippery, with the danger of falling off the team hands in a moment of carelessness. Incidentally, said housing has a curved side to facilitate gripping. The full dimensions of this terminal are 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm and its weight is located in 160 grams. It must be recognized that these figures make it a heavier terminal that we are accustomed to seeing in recent times, and is not especially thin, although that is not our battle.

The star of the Asian mobile company is committed to a panel LCD with a format of five inches and resolution full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, resulting in a level of detail with remarkable density of 440 ppi. This panel reaches a remarkable level of brightness and crisp, vivid colors, and offer greater resistance to dust and scratches thanks to the reinforced glass Corning Gorilla 3.


But if there is a point that really differentiates the HTC One M8 on what we have seen in the market so far is in its camera. The company returns to bet on the technology ultrapĂ­xeles. In case you have not heard of it, on a practical level is pixels that collect up to three times more in that size than traditional pixels so that the images that we have a level of sharpness and more detail (especially in low light). Of course, the resolution of the rear camera is held in April ultrapĂ­xeles, so you can get to do some short zoom (keeps the same resolution as previous releases).

We said that the most important challenge of this smartphone is the graphical section, not by technology but by using a dual-lens camera on the back. The second lens is placed above (as you can see in the picture above) and serves to take data on the depth of space. When we do photography, you will not notice any difference, but it can create a richer experience when we open the image in the photo gallery and start editing. With these data we have taken, we can add very curious effects as a 3D simulation in which you can tilt and move sideways photo or a tool to focus on a particular part of the image. No doubt it is contributing an extra fancy stuff at the camera, while recognizing that it should still delve more in this field.

Apart from this inclusion, the rear lens has a good focus opening f/2.0 will allow us to take larger images without away. We also noticed the front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels and a special way to take “selfies” or self portraits, a type of images that fill the social networking profiles. This camera features a wide-angle lens for easy making larger images you can also enter our friends or lovers.

One of the weakest points of the HTC One M8 is its internal memory. The Asian company has just introduced a memory of 16 GB, a capability that may fall short by little we start to download multimedia files like movies and videos in high quality. Yes, we can compensate for this lack with memory MicroSD up to 128 GB, but it seems a mistake by the company considering that this is a first-rate device.

Furthermore, due to the purchase of this equipment, users can enjoy free 50GB space on Google Drive, following the path of other manufacturers like Samsung offering 50 GB on Dropbox for purchasing terminals star. Where if easily meets this phone is in the field of power, thanks to a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core 801 with an output of 2.3 GHz per core and a memory of 2 GB RAM. This set allows us to smoothly run the vast majority of applications and games from Android and we have a number of open apps without notice that the computer slows down.


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