What to expect from the WWDC14 of Apple

If you are someone who uses an iPhone, iPad or Mac, it’s your day. At 19:00 CET, an executive at Apple, probably Tim Cook, takes the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to kick off the 2014 WWDC. It will unveil the new generation of software for its devices, the iOS and OS X 8 10.10 will be shown to the public for the first time, each with new features. The operating system will not reach consumer devices for another month, but the event will show you how to incorporate technology in their handsets. Now, the question to be asked is, Apple will surprise us with innovation or increased applications?

The rumors point to any of the two paths. It is from a new application for health towards a renovated design of the desktop. In addition, the company’s Cupertino has grabbed headlines in recent weeks due to the recent acquisition of Beats Audio. Anyway, what we can expect what Apple has prepared us is updating its operating system, because hours before launch have leaked several photos of it.

1. iOS 8. The new version of Apple iOS 8 does not give as qualitative leap as that produced with iOS in July last year, as the company made a complete software design and incorporated many innovative features. What I can guess is what are the strengths of its next phone will be. If you own a smartphone, you will at least serve as an application for Your Health, as a pedometer. Now Apple seems to be about to launch an app called Healtbook own and will measure our heart rate, our hydration or how will our nutrition, among other things. Each of these parts would be a section in the platform.

The iPhone 5S, for example, incorporates a movement M7 coprocessor. This is good to know how many steps we take up, but the other functions have to obtain them from other devices. One might assume that Healthbook serve as a binding site for other apps or other types of terminals related to health care. Moreover, its application is Maps. Because of its unsuccessful debut in 2012, Apple has been steadily improving this tool. Based on some rumors, it says that the app could have progressed considerably in their public transport routes. In addition, it also includes the points of interest (POI), including airports, parks and roads.

What’s more, it says we can split the screen of iPad. Both Windows, the operating system of Microsoft, and Android, the software of Google, may show two applications working simultaneously. So, looking at this feature of its competitors, Apple might be thinking of incorporating this system in iOS 8. Also, expect a new and improved Siri, the wizard voice of the brand. Since Microsoft has launched Cortana, its virtual assistant, hopefully that of Apple improves and will be more proactive. Ie function as a reminder of the agenda, among other things. It has even been said that developers create a Siri SDK.

WWDC14 of Apple1

In addition, there are several wildcards. There has been talk from multiple user profiles for iPad to interactive notifications. Even, it has been rumored on an iCloud upgrade will grant free copies of security for their phones and tablets.

2. OS X 10.10. Given that last year was the turn of iOS in July, this year will be OS X 10.10. Desks computers Apple and iPads had never seen so different. When the company’s Cupertino removed textures, replaced by a flat design on iOS 7. OS X has followed that example, but only above as the icons of apps and systems are still quite textured. Meanwhile, the user interface could be improved with updates to iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture.

Moreover it is AirDrop. If iOS has a feature called AirDrop, why not work with other devices? This could be a breakthrough for Apple. Nevertheless, the large expected on this platform is Siri. Since Google is incorporating its virtual assistant wherever you can, why not Apple?

3. Automation initiative. Less than a week ago, it was rumored that Apple might be planning a home automation solution. It was said that it would be an opportunity for developers, as it could create a centralized ecosystem and have multiple applications. This would control an entire home from an iPhone. However, a subsequent report scuppered this information.

4. iWatch and other devices. As always, rumors about a smart watch brand are evident ever known to give a press conference. Furthermore, it has also leaked some information that says it will be a new Apple TV with the brand surprised us. Nevertheless, these last two reports seem unlikely to occur in this release.

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