The executives of Silicon Valley put approach in the operations of Tech Neck

New technologies have changed our life and how we relate. Everything changed with the advent of mobile phones and the sudden permanent connection, being always reachable at any time and at any time. The mobile phone was already rooted in our society as a basic need, like Internet, but until recently was reserved for the network when we were home. A few years ago two concepts together in the smartphone, a second revolution in the idea of being always connected now has a new dimension. We can not only make calls to whomever and any time, but we can use social media to talk instantly with any part of the globe, updating our blog, upload a photo to Instagram, know what tweeting celebrities, watch videos YouTube or playing the most addictive games.

Mobile devices have become very important in our lives and wherever we go we see people hooked to their smartphones, tablets or laptops. These are products that cater to our needs of the moment, they can be a entertainment and also a working tool, the fact is that there are those who spend all day from one device to another. We said that technology has changed our lives, but is also changing our bodies. The positions we adopt, sedentary lifestyle and the simple passage of time make our body to reflect that style of life.

Palo Alto, California. The cradle of the most important technology companies in the world is full of managers who are concerned with their appearance, are no longer so young and your skin will begin to reflect this. When we face so many hours at the computer, smartphone or tablet, we tend to keep the head tilted, which generates a series of visible problems in the neck, such as wrinkles and the dreaded double chin.

The solution to these gurus is the operating room, a widespread practice that has popularized a type of intervention for these special cases. Although not the only body part that can be resent, the neck is a very visible area and the appearance of wrinkles or sagging skin changes our expression. It is for this reason that many of them are willing to go under the knife and undergo a neck lift and chin. This intervention is already known as Tech Neck, word emerged of the words technology and neck, something like “technological neck”.

Tech Neck

aThe American Society of plastic surgery performed no less than 50,000 operations of neck during 2013. Although the operations of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty are still the most popular, increasing interventions Tech Neck is the most notable, along with buttock augmentation. Neck lifting retrieves the jaw line and improves the firmness of the skin, also leaves no scars because the incisions of practice in areas hidden behind the ears. Such operations typically require a rest period of at least a week, while gurus Silicon Valley are willing to lose just to win the battle against time and insightful look young forever.

But this lifestyle not only affects the neck, but there are other areas that suffer the consequences as the eyes. Spending many hours ahead of a screen can cause the appearance of bags and also drooping eyelids, which is solved with another type of operation “Blepharoplasty is also a typical intervention geeks with eyes glued to the screen day and night. Now transconjunctival blepharoplasty can get rid of bags and droopy eyelids to return to work a week later with the much younger look is done”, assures Dr. Sordo.

In addition, these activities have us anchored to the chair for hours, so the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, buttocks and hips also a problem. The liposuction abdominal is also one of the most demanding operations such users. Returning to the part of the face, there is also one to get rid of the dreaded double chin uses a mini-liposuction to remove fat that accumulates in this area. Another option is the mini-neck lift, which operates in a similar way but just focusing on the middle of the neck. Of course the Botox is one of the most popular treatments; a toxin that relaxes muscles and eliminates fine lines, and is often applied in the forehead and called “crow’s feet.”

It seems that in Silicon Valley the prototype technology guru, young, enterprising and intelligent must be maintained at all costs if you want to maintain its status. The Tech Neck is a term associated with this technological scene, but the increase in this type of intervention worldwide evidence that they are not the only ones affected, in fact as we have said is very normal that we spend our spare time tinkering with the tablet or computer as well as looking at our email on mobile.

Everyday life of an office worker also resembles any of these gurus, since both spend much of the day looking at the computer chair. Nor can we forget the physical part, because poor posture not only brings wrinkles but cervical, lumbar and even sciatica problems. The more technological life style begins to be reflected in our bodies with the appearance of all these problems, luckily surgery can fix for those who really feel the need.

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