An excellent printer HP Deskjet 2540 with WiFi

The operation of the home printers has changed little in recent years. The HP Deskjet 2540 is an example of what can make a printer connected to the network. The printing process is now much more than a cable and computer. The most interesting features come from the hand of the WiFi connection. With the printer connected to your home network, print files are greatly simplified, especially when we do it from our phone or tablet. But connectivity is not principle face. The HP Laserjet 2540 is a cheap printer, oriented to the domestic market, so the pocket does not suffer too much because it has gained new features.

The HP Deskjet 2540 is a home printer, so that in principle the print speed is not a priority. Still it has some good values in print text pages, compared to other printers in this segment and price. You can print new pages per minute in black and white documents and six pages per minute if it comes to text documents in color. Although it is ready to print color text and photographs, is in printing black and white text where the HP Deskjet 2540 gives best results. According to HP takes 17 seconds to print the first page and 8.5 in the following.

In regards to photo printing, the numbers are a bit more discreet. The HP Deskjet 2540 takes a minute to print a photo of 10 x 15 cm, while for a full-page photograph (A4), you need two minutes and 30 seconds. There is a printer designed for intensive use such as might be in an office. The HP recommends an average of 300 to 400 pages per month, and in any case, goes to the 1,000 pages per month.

The print quality is another point in which the HP Deskjet 2540 gets pretty decent results to be an entry model. For white and black, the resolution is in 600 x 600 dpi, while for color image prints reach 4,800 x 1,200 dpi.

The design of the HP Deskjet 2540 is quite simple, in the line of printers that we find in the homes and small offices. The model is white with a matte finish with few physical buttons on the top. A small indicator LED on the values is found that shown as the number of pages or notices pending availability of ink. One advantage of this equipment is that just need cables. Being handled by WiFi, in the back only found an outlet and a USB port, once configured the printer is unnecessary. The HP Deskjet 2540 is quite small, as expected from a team that has to fit in your home or small size offices. Weighs three kilos and a half, which is not too complicated to transport if necessary.

The HP Deskjet 2540 is a multifunction printer, so in addition to printing, is able to scan and copy documents. In this case with functions still more interesting, since you do not need to have a computer turned on to the side of the printer to carry out these tasks, but that can be performed through the mobile phone or tablet.

In regards to the quality of scanning, the HP Deskjet 2540 can generate images of 1200 x 1200 dpi, so that in principle there is no problem to scan images such as photographs without losing quality. In regard to the direct copy generates a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi in both black and white images and color. It can hold about five copies per minute.

This is the most interesting point of the HP Deskjet 2540. Since our phone or tablet can control the printer, scan documents, or manage the print queue in the same way we do with a computer, but more easily and quickly. Of course, there is also the possibility to manage the machine from your computer via WiFi connection and USB cable. In this case, the printer is in the home network and can be used from any computer connected to it.

But to this network also connects mobile phones and tablets, and here is where the interesting thing about this team. For use, it is necessary to download an application. It is called HP All-in-One remote, and from your control panel you can scan documents, make copies or send to print without the need for more pottery. In fact, it is not even necessary that the files you have generated a computer. The interesting thing about this application is that we print photos taken with a camera phone, going to the printer without intermediaries.

HP Deskjet 2540 is a home printer with all the features that this entails. On the one hand the print speed values are discrete, but enough for home use. Moreover, the price of the device is quite low enough so that a consumer can afford. But in this case, the network functions will add value to the HP Deskjet 2540. Not just a printer that can print, scan and copy, but can do all these things without having to turn on your computer, directly from the phone or tablet. So, it becomes a model that draws attention within the input range of printers, the most basic of the market.

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