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This rectangular shaped portable speaker measures only five centimeters deep and fits comfortably into any bag or backpack. The Loewe Speaker 2go is designed to improve the sound of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players or any audio player. It can work as wireless speaker, wirelessly, via Bluetooth with smartphone and other compatible devices. Technology near field communications NFC pairing facilitates the task between the speaker and compatible smartphone, with a single touch.

It also has an auxiliary audio input jack of 3.5 mm. Includes a rechargeable battery that can be used away from an outlet, with a range of about eight hours of playback. With mobile phones, it can act as a speakerphone for answering calls, thanks to an integrated microphone. All within a rugged aluminum housing where there is room for two speakers and a subwoofer, so that provides 2.1 channel sounds. Thus, films, internet videos and games earn emotion when listening through this speaker that despite being so compact, it is capable of delivering a total output power of 40 watts.

The company’s engineers have been careful when creating the Loewe Speaker 2go. This product is equipped with the elegance of the brand, but with modern character. It is available in two colors: black or silver. Anyway, in both cases, the housing is made of the same material, aluminum; the only difference is the color of the finish. Aluminum is lightweight, but adds strength to the whole. Thus, the speaker gets its weight at 1.3 kilos. Both the front and rear are covered by the corresponding grid, also of aluminum. The one on the front covers protect the speaker cones.

At the bottom there is a small stand-down, which allows slightly tilting speaker, so you can shoot the sound to the ears of the listener. At the top lies the keypad. To its right it is the stamp of the NFC technology. In addition, on the top, there is a set of LED indicators, discreetly installed, showing the status of various functions of the device. And the patch panel is installed in the bottom of the rear face, along with the switch off. In the end the product measuring just four inches and a half high, by twenty-four inches wide and two inches deep.

Loewe Speaker 2go

The Loewe Speaker 2go three loudspeakers hidden inside: two full-range and subwoofer. Each is powered by its own Class-D digital amplifier. So, it can deliver 2.1 channel sounds. The audio output power reaches 40 watts in total, spread over 2 for 10 W + 20 W subwoofers. The frequency range is from 80 to 20,000 Hz, suitable for most styles of music and to the most widespread audio formats on mobile devices.

This portable speaker includes Bluetooth wireless technology with a range within ten meters. The version is Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, compatible with aptX audio codec decoder and various protocols (A2DP, AVRCP 1.4, HS, HFP 1.6 and AEC), A2DP to stream stereo audio wirelessly.

If your smartphone or tablet is also compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication), the operation of the device match Loewe speaker will be much easier. Simply touch the seal NFC, a circle marked with a letter C, which is in the top next to the keypad, with the device.

The keypad placed on top has five buttons. There are two to adjust the volume, one to turn on and turn off the speakerphone, which actually leaves it in the standby mode, because the switch is located in the rear. Then there is the button to turn on Bluetooth. The fifth button is the one that activates the handsfree in the Loewe. Near the pendant is a row of LEDs that light up to show the status of Bluetooth, handsfree function, the volume and level of battery charge.

The Loewe Speaker 2go account with a USB 2.0 port with type A connector installed in the rear. It only serves to charge the battery for other devices (500 mA). Thus, the user will be able to recharge the battery of the tablet or mobile phone when you are away from home. However, the USB is not worth to play music from a memory key, for example. On its left it is the auxiliary audio input with stereo mini-jack (3.5 mm). It is valid for any kind of portable audio player to a DVD player, a laptop or a tablet, among other equipment. There is an audio cable in the package, by the way.

Below is the input for the power adapter, which is supplied in the package. Either way, this Loewe speaker has its own built-in battery lithium polymer, to operate away from an outlet. The battery has a 2500 mAh capacity. Autonomy is eight hours of play, at most, but can vary according to the level of volume used. Consumption reaches 24 W maximum, which are less than 0.5 W in standby mode. Furthermore, the manufacturer indicates that the operating temperature is between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius, in places with up to 85 percent humidity, provided there is no condensation.

In summary, the Loewe Speaker 2go is a wireless portable speaker featuring a 2.1 channel sound good. It is lightweight and compact. Listen to music wirelessly from mobile phones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices.

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