Everything could be here what you would expect from a terminal

The model Haier Phone W860 is a proposal for the phone market below the 200 euros that hides some interesting surprises. This five-inch terminal features an elegant white or metallic blue and remarkable for its design panel. And although you do not have a resolution of another world, we must emphasize the excellent level of screen brightness, which puts it at the height of the biggest releases. It also has a good audio system that will improve the multimedia experience of the terminal, a quad-core processor and the ability to use two SIM cards simultaneously. But not all lights on this computer.

The Haier Phone W860 opts for a classic bar shaped design with rounded corners. As expected, as housing has been used to save money on plastic materials and for a thinner and lighter design. Of course, this is not a terminal that highlight special nor by its finesse nor by its weight, although it stays within competitive figures. Specifically, its dimensions are 145 x 74 x 9.9 mm and its weight reaches 180 grams. This phone is available in white or metallic blue.

In the aspect of the screen we find one of the big surprises of this terminal. A priori, there would be much to say about a 5-inch touch panel with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. At this point, the resolution is quite short for what we’re seeing in the market. But the feelings that generate this terminal change dramatically when we look at the appearance of the brightness. The pictures are very bright and crisp for a smartphone of this price range shown, which is much appreciated when using the terminal in the street or when we receive a direct hit from a light source. In general, the response of this panel is quite acceptable although there are times when we have not achieved the level of finesse that can be found in high-end mobile and that can cause it to re-type a word or click an icon determined.

One of the points gives us the impression that Haier had to have insisted a bit more is in storage. The Haier Phone W860 committed an internal memory of 4 GB, which will leave us about 2 GB to store our applications and personal files. Sure its usefulness depends on what we give to the team, but soon we begin to store photos, music and videos will notice this lack. The simplest solution is to complete this capability through a MicroSD card which can reach up to 32 GB, or you can opt for various network storage systems.

Haier Phone W860

On the plus side we have a quad core processor and a power of 1.2 GHz with a good flow is achieved in both menus Android as when running applications and games. But the 512 MB RAM limit the use of multiple applications at the same time and can make the device slow in applications and games more powerful.

Neither the photographic field is one of the highlights of this phone. The rear 5 megapixel camera meets the right time to take pictures and record videos, and you are missing the flash function to get sharper images in low light. In the front features a 2-megapixel sensor that sits in the middle and in this case it will help us usually use videoconferencing tools like Skype.

The chosen operating system is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This is one of the most recent revision of this popular system for phones and tablets. Google’s platform will allow us to access a complete ecosystem of applications that exceed one million titles in the official store. Also, we would like to highlight the touches you added customization Haier on this phone. Especially in the tones and melodies, as this smartphone features a very comprehensive and quality cast includes several pieces elegant and very cheerful. It may seem silly (and probably is), but appreciated. It also incorporates some shortcuts for file management or performs a backup, but overall we are very close to a pure Android experience.

Another of the big surprises of this terminal is its speakers. Haier has worked to create a powerful audio system which is unusual for a phone of this price and will allow you to listen to songs or watch videos with a much richer listening experience. In addition, it is also a great advantage when teaching a video or song to our friends when we are in the street and there is more ambient noise (in many smartphones just the contents are barely audible when outside noise).

In the field of connections, one of the main attractions of Haier Phone W860 is the possibility of introducing two SIM cards simultaneously. A feature with which we can join in this terminal line personal and professional online without having to carry two phones dragged. By the way, keep in mind that this smartphone uses SIM cards full size (one size every time but use less smartphones that lets you use this phone with fewer problems if you change from an older computer).

This terminal can be connected to 3G networks HSDPA up to 21 Mbps also features WiFi connection to browse from home, in the version 4.0 Bluetooth and GPS to navigate through a dedicated application. The connections are completed with a MicroSD card slot and microUSB port for transferring files both with the computer as for charging the device.


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