The evaluation of the TDK A-360

The TDK A-360 triggers the sound 360 degrees around. It is a portable speaker that has a handle for easy carrying. It can be powered directly from an outlet or from the integrated battery. It is also wireless, can play music from smartphones, tablets, or any device with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. It’s a bucket with six inches of side features a durable casing to water splashes.

TDK A-360-reviewFinished in black, this speaker Rectangular weighs two kilos. The corners of the case are rounded. The cube is quite compact, measuring 15.2 inches square. The TDK A-360 is a portable speaker, so it is not surprising that you have a handle on the top. It is a handle made of synthetic leather, which facilitates the transport of the unit. Moreover, it is a thought to take outside, for example, to take to the terrace or garden, or even next to the pool design. The housing holds water splash.

In the front, highlights the volume knob on the left side. That also includes the control wheel on and off the unit. Some grids are covering more than half of the surface of the housing cube, including the entire upper face. That way the sound goes off in all directions, in order to immerse the listener in a sound field.

The configuration of TDK A-360 consists of four speakers and a sub-woofer. The speakers are full-range and one inch in diameter, while the sub-woofer has a diameter of four inches. This is completed with a bass port, located on the rear side, to increase the performance at lower frequencies. The Audi engineers have managed to achieve a firing sound speaker omni directional.

To start it, just use the volume knob also includes control on and off. If the speaker is to be used away from an outlet, you must first check that the battery switch, located on the back, is also on. Furthermore, the user can control his taste treble and bass. To activate it there is a small button on the right side of the front. After pressing the button, verify that the indicator treble / bass is lit, before going on to configure settings using the volume knob, which also functions as ignition. After five seconds, the speaker keeps the treble / bass, and returns to selection mode volume.

It is suitable for playing music wirelessly speaker. And that includes wireless communication technology Bluetooth belonging to version 2.1 + EDR, which includes the A2DP profile (valid for streaming music wirelessly in stereo). It is also compatible with AAC audio codec. It is possible to play audio from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices with Bluetooth 2.1, minimum.

Music playback can also be performed using the auxiliary audio input. This input has a stereo mini-jack connector (3.5 mm), which is the most common among readers of portable audio. It also appears in tablets, laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players. The audio cable, by the way, is not included. Once connected to the source, you just have to turn on the speakerphone and press a button once source selection, so that illuminate the auxiliary indicator to select the input mode line. Next is to start playing the audio player, for example. If no sound comes out of the speaker, should crank up the volume level of the source.

The TDK A-360 has a design splash resistant. Actually meets the international standard of protection IPX3. This implies that the product is not affected by water applied with a spray at any angle from 60 degrees from vertical. The standard also states that has passed laboratory tests for five minutes with a volume of water of 0.7 liters per minute at a pressure of between 80 and 100 kPa (kilo-pascals). It is very important to ensure that the rubber tab that protects the rear panel connections is tight.

This speaker TDK integrates a rechargeable battery that provides a battery life of about six hours, with a medium volume level. Right next to the volume knob is a tiny indicator light showing the status. This indicator light flashes red when lightly loaded, and the light stays red when it is charging. This battery recharges automatically whenever the speaker is plugged into the mains. Indeed, it is quite easy to replace the battery, if it deteriorates over time. Just order a replacement brand. Then you need to remove the existing four bolts on the left side of the unit. The connector from the old battery is disconnected, and then connects the new one. Finally, re-insert the four screws.

A rubber tab hides while protecting the connector panel on the back. There is the plug to connect the supplied power adapter, the USB port and auxiliary input. There is also a switch to turn off and turn on the battery. It never hurts to leave it off when the unit is fed from an outlet that holds its charge. The TDK A-360 turns off automatically to save energy spent twenty minutes without receiving any audio signal or to detect any external device without recharging via USB.

The port USB is only for load (0.5 amps). It only serves to recharge the battery of other external devices, such as an MP3 player, a mobile phone or a tablet. This feature is available when the speaker is powered via AC outlet, but also when the internal battery switch is on. In the latter case, when the external recharging device is provided by the integrated battery, the charge duration is significantly reduced.

TDK A-360-full-review

In short, it is a portable wireless speaker with cube. It is very easy to transport thanks to the handle installed on the upper side. It offers a sound field that covers 360 degrees to play music wirelessly from mobile phones or other Bluetooth devices, but also from portable audio player using the auxiliary input.

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