Essential web designer’s toolkit

As a job opportunity, web design is most definitely a lucrative option. However, this only means that competition is quite tough as well. With this in mind, you need to find a way to stay at the top and fresh ideas alone are no longer enough.

What you need is to stay up-to-date with your work tools as well. This means that you must constantly be on the watch for latest applications and software that appear in the world of web design. So, here is a short list of web designer’s tools that are a must in 2016.

Photoshop CC:
First thing first, you will need a versatile design tool, powerful enough to satisfy all your needs yet simple enough to make all the necessary processes as rapid as they get. With this in mind, Photoshop CC is more than obvious choice.

If you need to “photoshop” something you turn to Photoshop, but even most of simpler designs and logos can be done on this amazing platform. Truth be told, most of the work that a modern designer does can be (quite successfully) performed in Photoshop which is why, one can observe it as a proper multi-tool.

Everyone knows that the world of tomorrow belongs to mobile devices. Since 2015 there has officialy been more internet searches on phones and tablets than on computers. Furthermore according to Statista, as soon as 2017 there will be more than 4.77 billion mobile users in the world.

Because of this, it would be safe to assume that web design will follow in suit and here Pixate can be completely irreplaceable. Well suited for both iOS and Android development, this software can be used for work in both of these digital environments; with amazing results at it.

Another thing that you will desperately need is a reliable cloud provider. First of all, more and more of us take our jobs with us when we go home. Sometimes one needs to go on a trip or visit someone across the continent and this can complicate things quite a bit.

External HDD and USB drives are items that get lost easily and are quite popular on the black market. Needless to say, working with cloud these days is more or less mandatory. Still, seeing how some people can be suspicious towards putting sensitive data “out there in the open” provider must guarantee for their safety. Caches of pCloud are as safe as they get and as such your most obvious choice.

If what you have in mind is building your HTML website in easy and efficient way, then Hammer is just the thing you need. Coding “the old way” (although has its charms) is slow and inefficient, but this is exactly what Hammer is for.

This amazing software has numerous great features, one of the most prominent being auto reload functionality which refreshes your page after every entry you make. This makes all the updates made much more expedient, which can sometimes make all the difference.

Last, but not the least important, even with the utmost attention on your side, it is completely possible (even probable) that you may overlook something while working. This being said, what you need is a program which can monitor all your activity, every entry you make and everything you do on the website and look for blank spots.

This way, you can avoid unpleasantness such as your page looking too bland or incomplete. In the end, this amazing software can also make choosing the color scheme of your website much easier which, on its own, is not a small help. All of this means that you can rest assured, knowing that Coolors has your back.

In a hostile world of modern web design you need all the help you can get to stay competitive. With this in mind, staying in touch with latest innovations in world of web design is an absolute imperative for everyone who has seriously determined to work in this field.

Although any list would be too short to contain absolutely every tool that a designer must keep on the radar, having at least these software in mind is quite helpful.

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