Essential measures to care for your gadgets

Congratulations! You want to break the box and start playing immediately. But before you do something potentially absorber of time as download Dots, here is some tips to get the most out of your new device, whether it’s an iPad Mini, a smartphone Nexus 5 or a Kindle Fire HDX. Safety of your new gadget is brilliant, amazing and super valuable, so it might be hard to imagine a dark day in the future that miss in the aircraft seat or some thug you steal it. But bad things happen every day (if you don’t believe us, pass to the next section of the newspaper), so better take some steps now to prevent the worst scenario.

First activate the anti-relay settings screen that will ask for a code or password (or facial or fingerprint recognition) every time you turn on your phone or tablet. This is your number one defense against an intrusion financial, sensitive or personal information if found or stolen your device. It will also hinder someone remove or delete any content that you have not endorsed.

Enter the income seem a slight inconvenience at first, but after a few days and not notice that you do and the few seconds it takes become a forgotten routine. Then download or activate any feature of locating the lost device, so you can track the physical location of your phone or tablet if lost or stolen. The Apple products have the Find my iPhone app installed by default, but you must connect your device to an iCloud account.

The gadgets with Android operating system can use the Android Device Manager. A plan of backup will not want to lose your files in the event of technical failure or loss of the device. You can examine the backup tools default, iClouds or iTunes or in the iOS 7 or configuration backup and restore on Android. Third-party applications can also be helpful, such as Dropbox, Carbon or Titanium Backup.

When possible, use apps that automatically sync cloud anything you create. Get a kit Pristine screen a new gadget is so nice, no scratches … gloriously pristine. You think it would be a shame to hide your glory under some cheap plastic case. But you know what’s worse: Living with a broken and scratched device that cost thousands of pesos. Simply look around in your local coffee shop and count how many people work with a broken screen, dragging their calloused fingers over the broken and glued glass with transparent tape.

If you are a bit clumsy, have children or are prone to gravity, buy a case. Saving money the first account of a new mobile device can be shocking when, without realizing it, you exceed your data limit accumulate or roaming charges. Take precautions and establishes a warning or mobile data limit to prevent you overwhelm them.

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On Android devices is in settings-> wireless connections and network-> use of data. If you use an Apple device, you can monitor how much data consumes your device in-> cell-> system services settings (to the bottom of the page). The function gathers data usage by type of service and Mapping Services and Exchange accounts. If you conclude that a specific application consume the most data, you can revoke your ability to use cellular data and use wifi only let. You can also install third party applications to monitor data usage. ‘s apps streaming music and videos are great hoarders of data, so be sure to be in a wireless connection before you get to see a chapter after another of House of Cards.

If you are concerned about the costs of calls or messages, download apps for calls and messages that work with wifi Skype, Whatsapp and Viber. It eliminates waste fresh out of the box; many devices are preconfigured with the preferred applications of the creators or operators. The problem is especially bad with Android phones and Windows operating systems purchased from third parties to preinstall all sorts of bloatware. Examine and remove any promotional application or unwanted immediately.

If you can not delete the application on Android, you can probably disable settings so that it is out of sight. The gadgets of Apple are more conservative with pre-installed applications, but there is a core group of iOS apps you can not uninstall. If you really do not want to use them, put them in a folder. This is also the time to make some cosmetic adjustments, such as selecting new wallpaper and organize your apps so you do not have to readjust to a new order later.

Are you prone to motion sickness? Turn setting parallax iOS 7. Download beginner applications although they are not trash, some of the default applications may not be the best choice for you. For example, Maps Apple application, but improved considerably compared to the original version with errors, it is still not as good as Google Maps, you can download from the App Store (Google makes several applications that you have for the iOS 7).

Several alternatives weather, calendar, notes and camera to try settle before the default. Find and download new applications are the most exciting part of a new gadget. Start with the basic, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you are a news junkie, download apps from your favorite media and your favorite app news aggregation. Stay organized with Evernote and if you couple download Avocado, if it is not part of the loving messages private, at least to coordinate lists of things to do. If you are subscriber of any streaming music or video services (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Instant, Spotify…), download your mobile app.

If you already started to anthropomorphize your phone or iPad, download Hatch. Here are suggestions of applications for travelers, applications to survive storms and applications to keep you healthy. If you have children you can repeat as many times as you like you will not let children play with your tablet or smartphone, but that dream will end the first episode of “nervous baby in a fancy restaurant”.

If your device has parental controls, configure them to prevent any unwanted applications purchase, or sending work emails or cryptic publications Facebook. If you intend to record a video Make sure your device is horizontal. The movies are recorded vertically must stop a plague. If you replace a phone or tablet old not forget completely wipe your data and files from the old device before you sell, deliver or donate.


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