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The HP Officejet 150 is a printer designed specifically for mobile printing, with a very compact size of 35 x 17.1 x 9 inches and weighing Demure 3.1 kilos. It is a printer to store in your suitcase or backpack and carry it to travel. Moreover, it is a multifunction which also incorporates copying and scanning, resulting in greater versatility of the options available. There is a high speed device print and scan, but it offers a good range of up to 500 pages printed with full battery, so you can become a good companion for mobile professionals who need a computer Multifunction anywhere. The HP Officejet 150 is available in the market at a price of 400 euros. We had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth. We tell you our impressions.

Printing and paper

Keep in mind that this is a printer designed to be used in mobility, so that the printing speed is maintained in a lowly figure. Specifically, the HP Officejet 150 is capable of printing five pages per minute in black and white and three and a half pages in color. Its print quality is 600 x 600 dpi when printing in black and white, and is able to reach a good resolution up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi when working in color. These figures are quite competitive considering the team compact.

In the case of wanting to make double-sided prints, it will be necessary to perform this work manually. This printer is designed to perform a monthly print cycle between 100 and 500 pages (maximum cycle is 500 pages). One aspect that should be noted from the printer is its battery. If fully loaded, should be used to print up to 500 pages, sufficient autonomy so that we can forget to charge the team almost a month of work.

To carry out the paper load, includes an input tray up to 50 sheets in A4 size. The HP Officejet 150 also can work with formats A5, A6, cards and envelopes, with a weight up to 162 g / m².

Mobile Design

Undoubtedly, the great strength of this printer is found in its design. This is a team that is meant to be used anywhere thanks to reduced dimensions of 35 x 17.1 x 9 inches allowing the printer carry bags or backpacks. This adds up to a weight of 3.1 kilos (including battery), making it a very versatile team. Due to its characteristics, is intended primarily for mobile professionals who need to have this tool anywhere and do not want to risk printing or scanning documents on a computer that is not yours. Regarding form combines black on the inside of the device and on the front with the gray and white of the rest of the computer. Also, could not miss the inclusion of a small color touch screen 6 inches to access the main functions of the computer without connecting to a computer.

Copy and Scanner

Besides the main function of the printer, we also have the ability to copy and scan. In the first case, the HP Officejet 150 reaches speeds of 4 copies per minute in black and white and two copies per minute in color. The resolution of the copies reaches a standard quality of 600 x 600 pixels, and can be carried out up to 99 copies per job. The documents that we want to copy can be resized in a percentage that varies between 25% and 400%.

HP Officejet 150

In the scanner, we can scan documents with a maximum optical resolution of 600 dpi. The speed with which documents are being scanned was calculated based on a resolution of 200 dpi. The speeds with this resolution are digitized 1.7 per minute in black and white and 0.9 documents per minute in color. As could be expected, the scan is performed on a single-sided document and can convert both format PDF images as JPEG, TIFF or PNG. In addition, an aspect that we would like to highlight is the ability to scan directly to a USB memory or via email, a very interesting feature for users who are traveling and do not want to have to connect the computer to receive the scanned documents .

Consumables and consumption

In regard to the consumables, the HP Officejet 150 uses on the original ink cartridge of the US Company. The black ink cartridge is priced at 28 euros and allows an average yield of 450 pages, while the color cartridge costs 43 euros and will allow us to print up to 560 pages. The HP Officejet 150 has an average consumption of 22V when it is carrying out recording (65 watts maximum). In standby mode this consumption drops to 6.4 V.


In the field of connectivity, highlight the connector is a USB 2.0 port for connecting high-speed USB sticks or external hard drives and perform tasks directly without going through the PC. We also have a connector PictBridge, used to print images directly that we have stored in a compatible camera. The connections are completed with a slot for memory cards MicroSD technology and Bluetooth 2.0. Through this technology, we can print directly from a smartphone or a laptop with this connection. Indeed, it is a simple and quick to print our documents in seconds, anywhere.

Price and reviews

The price of the printer HP Officejet 150 is 400 euros. Without doubt, this is a computer that has a very specific objective, the professionals who need to print and perform other functions throughout their journey. Within its field, offers a good balance of specifications balanced, with print speeds of up to five pages per minute in black and white. Another of its strengths is the ability to scan documents directly to a USB stick, a good way to get our papers sorted and localized.


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