Effective tips to save money on technology

A Christmas excesses they happen and the slope of January and austerity that entails having spent too much during the holiday period. If it joins the crisis as a result, many families will be forced to forego many amenities both practical and leisure. In the field of technology, this means that connection more ‘mega’ or the old tablet or one that has been reset is not broken do not hire. The same can happen with smartphones or the habit of watching movies online or buy ebooks. However, if saving strategies described below are followed, no need to resort to such practices.

1. Optimize wifi coverage

Before you think about hiring more bandwidth for home or office, and if with it, we can carry out more demanding activities such as watching movies through Apple TV or other similar methods, manage wireless printers or play complex games from the Internet we must look if we took advantage of.

Many people have never used a meter of WiFi coverage, but it is nothing more than a web page or a very simple application that allows you to measure the power reaching the WiFi in each point of the House. Just use it in the most common areas of digital activity, and record whether the actual speed matches the theoretical we hire. As a rule they do not match, and the reality will be less, but it should concern us if that difference is very big, because this indicates that we are very far from the wifi antenna, or there is interference. Then you have to make arrangements to have homogeneous wifi throughout the house and see if the new measurement results, we can meet our needs.

2. Looking good all contract types

If we decide to hire a superior connection, a good recommendation is to explore all options open to us. We may contract with incumbents, in which case we must consider what mode we should, and if they offer facilities when also hire mobile Internet or how many lines we tried to leave. You have to read the fine print of contracts and the reputation that the operator has in the different forums of the Network qualifying complaints and consumer ratings.

If we choose to hire optical fiber, we must be sure to optimize the maximum bandwidth that will give the operator, it is usual that is 100 megabits per second (mbps). Otherwise, there are interesting offers for lower bandwidths for copper pair (ADSL).

3. Consider the option of a virtual mobile operator

The mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are companies that do not have their own networks, but rent incumbents access and sell to the end consumer. They are cheaper because, as no infrastructure, no need to invest in development or maintenance. Therefore, they are an interesting option for calls and for access to the mobile data network. Before removing the on line access from the smartphone, we can study whether using a OMV get the necessary savings.

4. Opting for subsidized phones

Cheap is expensive, but how expensive is sometimes inaccessible. If we can not afford all new mobile over 600 euros, we can try to negotiate with our operator, or a new, subsidized mobile 300, in exchange for modifying the contract or just to remain customers. There is a range of average price of smartphones that offers some operators that do the same functions as the high end.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that fewer and fewer operators subsidize, but you can get a good deal of funding. However, contracts should study well spent avoiding abusive. Also, this trick does not work with OMV, because you never subsidize devices. Not a bad suggestion to look at what we miss most: though using an MVNO, and thus saved to fund a good smartphone; grant or seek an incumbent.

5. Going for older versions

Many manufacturers, such as Apple or Samsung, sold both the latest versions of their top models and old, these a very reduced price. They are, of course, releases a less powerful and perhaps more limited practical life. However, this depends on the needs of each user.

While one iPhone 5S costs at least 700 euros (with 16 gigabytes of storage capacity), an iPhone 4S 8 gigabytes worth 400 euros. Of course, the processor power differs greatly, but not the type of screen resolution and other specifications that make the iPhone 4S a great phone for many functions. And something similar happens with the iPad, where the model Air is priced 480 euros and without Retina display iPad Mini costs 287 euros.

6. Find deals in computer stores

With the changes of operating system Windows 7 to Windows 8, many computers that have not been sold are difficult to place on the market, because the user searches newly installed operating system. However, typically, devices are with good performance and which can serve several functions. In addition, Windows 7 is a stable system out of trouble that had the Vista version.

save money on technology1

You can purchase these gadgets at very good prices, and then choose to install Windows 8 or Windows 7 to run, provided the updated antivirus and firewall keeps being used, as Microsoft has announced that it will update from spring, 2014. Anyway, keep in mind that, to date, Windows 7 is the operating system most widely used computer world.

Another alternative is to take advantage of professional computer stores to order one to suit our needs and budget.

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