ECOXGEAR ECOROX: A Rocking Speaker That Can Float

From the time when the Jawbone Jam Box ignited everyone’s attraction a couple of years ago, wireless speakers have turned out to something of a must yet received. As a consequence, it is reasonable to say the market is getting significantly over supplied by these wireless Bluetooth speakers. One of the most up to date additions is by a company named ECOXGEAR which is a part of Grace Digital Corporation. ECOROX is one of its best creations ever. The ECOROX speaker features two 6 watt speakers and a bass radiator for a bursting, extensive and extremely forceful sound though it is not merely the sound quality that turns the ECOROX into a unique and exclusive gadget. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can not only survive a quick immerse in the pool; it can hang out in there by blasting and exploding your favorite tunes for hours.

Not like most other speakers, the ECOROX speaker is built and additionally developed for the out of doors in every means of possibilities. It has a great design with craggy, rocky and robust patterns which make the ECOROX competent of continuing existence from a large amount of bangs, cracks and crashes. Its thick, rubberized outer layer can play a vast role of protecting itself from any kind of knocks and fails. The ECOROX has some more unique abilities too and one of them is being waterproof. By having this capability, you are able to place it on any kind of watery places. It is mostly designed to float beside you. Subsequently, you can bring it to your party that is surrounded with water. With your desired music playing, you can go either for swimming or surfing. But be careful! Your phone or any Bluetooth enabled media player, which is connected with the speaker, should also be placed in a properly sheltered case. The most astonishing and marvellous fact is it floats and never sinks. So it will never get drowned, merged or soaked by water and it will never go astray in the depths of the ocean. Now drop the ECOROX in your pool, lake or river and play your favourite tracks. It will let you rock out in the water!


Unless swimming is your craze and you are a biker maniac, this gadget performs for you too. The ECOROX was designed to be mounted to the handlebars of a bike. Never for a second time you will have to worry about the elements damaging your speakers. Of course, you will still have to worry about upsetting the people around you, if your music is up too loud.

All along the top most part of the speaker, there is a row of buttons to control the speaker. From left to right are the power, Bluetooth, volume, skip track and play speak buttons. The ECOROX can also be used as a hands free kit. It is especially handy. The speaker not only gives you allowance to play and pause your current track but also allows you to answer all the phone calls. Just a single press of a button and you will never miss a single call.

Let’s have a look at the specifications of the ECOROX Speakers. The ECOROX is 2.5 inches in height, 5.3 inches in width, 3 inches in depth and 11 oz in weight. It has IPX7 Waterproof technology and it is fully submersible in Water. It is rugged and it is the best floating Bluetooth speaker ever invented. It has 6 watt full range integrated stereo speakers. It has top mounted bass radiator. It can connect to your Smart phones, Tablets and Laptops. On the top panel, there are some control buttons and they are Power, Bluetooth Pairing, Volume +/-, Next/Previous and Speakerphone Answer button. The ECOROX has 7.4V 1800mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion built in battery. You are going to get 10 hours of talk or playtime out of each 2.5 hour charge. Recharging is handled by a micro USB cable and a standard 3.5mm jack offers compatibility with virtually any audio device. You can purchase your own in black, red or orange for just $130 which is 10,400 in Bangladesh taka. You can find a handle bar or suction cup mount on the site for just $10 each as well.


There is little not to like about the ECOROX when all is said and done. It is durable and loud. And it is easy to use. Despite the fact that it would be great to be able to use as a backup battery like the Braven 570 although it is not, in actual fact, deficient in anything. It looks groovy, sounds fantastic and it will stay fresh on the summer festivals, hiking and outdoor amusement as well as entertainment with no difficulty. Some people have complains about the ECOROX and one of them is that it is a little too bass heavy. But for some, this sound quality is wonderful, flawless, refined and rocking.

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