e-Commerce business in Bangladesh

e-Commerce is refers the buying and selling of products or services over electronics system through internet or others computer networks. Day by day e-Commerce business in Bangladesh is growing gigantically. e-Commerce combines few range of processes, such as:

  • Electronic data interchange(EDI)
  • Electronic mail (Email)
  • World Wide Web (WWW)
  • Internet applications
  • Network applications

It does not include transaction over the telephone or fax but online banking system can be acceptable with visa or master cards. There are also some others purchase available in the world wide. For example,

  • 1950 companies started to begin the computer store and process transaction records.
  • 1960 the large volume business started transaction on purchase card.
  • 1968 transaction data Co-ordination Committee (TDCC) was formed by some company.
  • 1979 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) chattered a new committee to develop uniform EDI (Electron Data Interchange).
  • 1979 the online shopping was invented in the UK by Michael Aldrich
  • 1982 the Minitel was introduces in nationwide in France by France telecom and started online ordering.
  • 1984 the world first B2C online was home shopper and Mrs. Jane Snowball uses the gates head SIS/Tesco system to buy groceries.
  • 1987 Swreg begins to provide software to support online system.

e-Commerce improves the efficiency and effectiveness of business, government and not profit organization agencies. The ability of this business conductance all over the world in 24/7. Its major advantage is online and can save a lot of time and money rather than go outside and spent some extra money for shopping. However going online does not guaranteed 100% success and it totally depends on the organization.

Bangladesh is one of the large market in the world as population but the peoples are not well enough for online market yet. Since 1970 to 2000 can be said that Bangladesh was almost in the darkest in e-Commerce business. The peoples even never imagine for e-Commerce. They just work in the computer for assignment for school, colleges and university or can be used in private organization or government. But it was very rare in the government project.

Since 2000 the students just waked up and started a revolution with computer work in every department in the every organization and also it’s going to involve most of the government project too. The peoples are getting better and better in terms of time. Bangladesh is also going fast and like western or develops countries. The peoples are doing many things online like read news paper and doing lots of out sourcing work and getting very good money and not only himself also giving good remittance to the nation too. The peoples are specially studying in the private universities and they are very good enough for the e-Commerce knowledge and uses development.

This is very exciting that the private universities are also giving free laptop to every student and forcing them to jump and learn many things from online. This is also nice to see that they are doing online business and putting many things on their sites and selling them easily.

If we go the sites of Bikroy.com or ekhanei.com or the apnardeal.com the most successful e-Commerce business at present in Bangladesh then you can feels the scents of the e-Commerce booming. They are also the pioneer of Classified Ad site of Bangladesh.  Now a days peoples are reading news paper in online and they do the business in the news paper site also. We can also find different advertisement for business in the Facebook or twitter. So that people can easily see them and getting their shopping online.

This is very clear that the peoples of Bangladesh are going to purchase online like western or Europe. There are not many sites like western but its increasing day by day in the country and also spreading the rest of the district of Bangladesh. The government also taking part of that and taking many projects to build digital Bangladesh. The peoples can realize that they can save a lot of time for doing online shopping and also can do others works too. Now a days we can see that people are giving bill online.

The e-commerce is the greatest opportunity for a person whether he or she pays the bill online or purchase anything or even can do the business to sell something’s unusable from his home or office. He or she does not need rent a office or space for sell. He just easily can sell this on his own website or even can use others site for selling goods or staffs. e-Commerce is the blessing by the God to the world. The western peoples can’t even think without e-Commerce because they are very much familiar with that and developing also day by day for better satisfaction.

Recently in Bangladesh e-CAB (e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh) has started their operation for provide a common platform for discussing and exchanging views on business conditions and issues, both domestic and international, affecting companies or organizations involved with E-commerce or online marketplaces through which trade is facilitated or commenced. e-CAB’s aim also to take action for preservation of rights and interest especially, of the members of the organization and generally for the development of the business services who are related with E-Commerce business, nationally and internationally. To take all steps to support, protest and prevent constitutionally all governmental law or proceedings imposed against any member of the association. The trade organization shall discharge its activities considering the state policy and overall public interest and also it shall not arrange participate or support any activities in contrary to the regulations of the state and subversive to the social peace & tranquility.

They also collect maintain, distribute or supply all data statistics and other information necessary for the Email promotion and advancement of business of E-Commerce through letters, circulars, periodicals or though press and other publicity media and to obtain or develop information books, brochures, visual aids and education items for members and to distribute them on a pro-data, on profit on loss basis.

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