Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro vacuum cleaner runs without cables

Dyson returns to take a leap in its range of cordless vacuum cleaners with the new Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro. It is a vacuum cleaner that has attachments to clean floors, walls and even inside the car continuously for 26 minutes, and sporting an engine with a 50% more powerful than the previous DC45 Digital Slim. All with a very attractive and futuristic design that moves away from traditional vacuum cleaners. In addition, it has also worked to reduce the weight to make it more comfortable to use for longer periods of time. We had the opportunity to test this equipment in depth. We tell you our impressions.


Certainly, Dyson is noted with futuristic designs. In the case of the Dyson DC62 Digital Slim animalpro have a centerpiece that looks slightly reminiscent of a drill or a nail gun, with the motor on top and a small transparent cube for dirt. Its 2.11 kilos of weight are distributed in a balanced manner so that the arm is tired least grab one. We also noticed the quality of the grip. This fits very well in the hand and on the top we find the button to activate the vacuum.

Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro vacuum cleanerWhat we did not like so much is that you have to press the same for all the time we are aiming; however much contact is very soft and you have enabled a small platform to rest your finger. Right in front of the grip area is a red piece which serves to open the cube of dirt directly into the trash. A simple cleaning process to be performed at the time where we see that the powder reaches the limit indicated by the word “MAX” that are marked on the plastic. This center piece is then attached to various accessories for the different functions of vacuum, and find in blue or pink.


Cleaning Methods and accessories

A key model of Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro is its versatility. And that is that this vacuum cleaner without wires serves both to clean the floor in the traditional manner, as to difficult surfaces such as walls or ceilings and even the interior of the car. The lightness of the central part of which we have spoken to manage both, the vacuum cleaner without problems and its compact size makes it easy for we can reach every corner with ease. As to the traditional use of cleaning different floors, the DC62 uses a resilient tube which is attached to a motorized toothbrush. This accessory should we make a stop along the way and it is a real piece of engineering that combines carbon fiber filaments with nylon bristles for easy cleaning of hard floors and carpets. In our tests we found that this brush has a remarkable performance on carpets and rugs, and also the rather easily navigated (who you have used a traditional vacuum cleaner has not had to struggle with this type of surfaces).

Besides this larger brush, the Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro also has a small motorized brush designed for smaller areas such as corners or tight corners. The accessories are completed with a small brush suitable for cleaning sofas and upholstery and a tube oriented cleaning corners, computer keyboards and various corners of the car to which it is difficult to reach. Indeed, one of the main uses of this vacuum cleaner is the cleaning of the car, thanks to the power of its engine and good reaching autonomy. Finally, we also have a loading dock that is fixed on the wall and will allow you to have the vacuum cleaner Dyson located without taking up too much space in the room.

Motor and autonomy

The Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro has a very powerful engine of 350W which is capable of rotating up to 110,000 times per minute. This translates into an exceptional suction power will facilitate cleaning of hard surfaces. This engine uses a cyclone system that minimizes the loss of suction over time and help to increase airflow. In tests we have found a top team.


It also has a good range of up to 26 minutes of cleaning with a full load. However, we also noticed that this time can be scarce when we go to do a more thorough work. This device is not connected to the network works (once enters charging mode does not suck but we give the button) and takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge. This time between cleanings can also prove to be a handicap of this vacuum cleaner.


Cleaning the appliance

To maintain this vacuum, we carry out two tasks. On one hand, every time the dirt reaches the limit specified in the cube must carry the vacuum cleaner away and tighten the piece to empty the device. On the other hand, requires clean the vacuum filter with cold water by at least once a month, and then let it dry for twenty four hours before re-introducing it into the computer. These tasks are quite simple but have to wait a day to use the filter can be somewhat heavier.

Price and reviews

The price of the Dyson Digital Slim DC62 AnimalPro is 439 euros. It seemed to us a vacuum cleaner very attractive and useful, especially for those who need a versatile device capable of reaching most recondite corners of the house and the car. Some of the most interesting points of this vacuum cleaner is found in its powerful engine, a freedom which is free of the cable to make cleaning tasks or in motorized brush no muss exceeding toughest carpet and flooring. On the negative side, it can be tedious having to carry the vacuum cleaner after less than half an hour of use, especially for users who go for a more intensive use of this vacuum in their traditional way.





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